1. ParaGirlHauntedDiary

    Ghost Voice Caught On Tape - Creepy!

    I was completely alone in this bathroom situated in the graveyard but I caught what I perceive as a ghosts voice an EVP! This isn't the first time either! I give my own take on what I think is being said also. Thanks for watching x
  2. Realm Unknown

    Other Looking for People to Collab With [Paranormal Stuff]

    So, I guess I fall under the "other" category, which kind of stinks since I consider myself a mix of Education and Entertainment. But nonetheless, I am a paranormal and supernatural based channel that talks about all the weird and strange things that go bump in the night. It's super super hard...
  3. Cheri

    Vlog UK Paranormal Vlog Meet Up/Collab

    Hey guys! So I haven't really seen any Paranormal vloggers on here (aside from a couple of horror vloggers). It's kind of a role call to see if anyone posts that kind of content (or is looking to venture into that), as well as to gather a few people together for some videos. I'd love to be...
  4. Alex "Rinkles"


    As you can see by the title I'm looking for fellow trickshotters that play any or all call of dutys and that are decently skilled at trickshotting and that like to make YT videos (Add me on xbox L Rinkles L)
  5. SeriousRave

    Serious Plays: Oxenfree [P7]

    Hey guys Serious Plays: Oxenfree Part 7 is coming up soon! It'll be great if anyone checks out our channel for various amounts of content!
  6. twichastro

    Gaming Any CoD XboX One/360 Sniping/Trickshotting Collab!

    Hi my name is Alex aka Slik Astro and i am looking for someone to play CoD or known as Call of Duty with, i mostly snipe and trickshot. My gamertag is Twich Astro and you must have SKYPE! My skype is EnZi Astro...
  7. TheViralKing

    200 Subs in 5 Videos!!!

    I am so excited that i have hit 200 subs right before the uplaod of my 5th video, insane guys love the support *edited by Staff*
  8. ApexTV

    Top 10 Real Ghost Sightings Caught on Camera

    Today we look at the top 10 real ghost sightings caught on camera. From images of people who have been dead for years to mysterious humanoid figures, there are some creepy ghost images on the internet.