Vlog Anyone Fancy Doing A Big UK Vlogger Meet Up

Jake Burton

Hey Guys,

Everyone on here is always looking for someone to collaborate with because it all helps succeed in what we all want to do, YouTube. So if there is anyone out there that is feeling that it would all be a good idea to have a big meetup somewhere in the UK that is a reasonable place for us all to meet up then I think that would really help us all as a big community to come together and make a big video collaboration.

If anyone is up for it and to make it easier for us to get it all sorted please email me with the following in the email burtonofficialyt@gmail.com ;

Your Name, Age, Area you live in , Furthest you can travel to, YouTube channel, And abit about yourself.

I will get back to you all individually in the next maybe less then a week with a possible location for us all and some activities to take part in.

Hope you all have fun creating your channels and hope to hear from you soon.

Best Regards
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Id be up for it.... and Im 170 miles away lmao....

Hey Im single now and have extra money from not travelling to Reading 2wice a month, will there be beer following the meet... with women and kebabs ?