1. C

    10,000 Calorie Challenge Collaboration

    Hi! I am fairly new to YouTube with only two video so far which are more educational and introductory than anything. I want to do the 10,000 calorie challenge to add a bit of entertainment value to the channel, but I thought that the video might be more entertaining to do it with someone who...
  2. X

    Gaming Xbox Collab?

    Looking to collaborate with another xbox one content creator or possibly start a gaming group to record with on a regular basis. I play a variety of games but mainly first person shooters. Feel free to hit me up with gamertags and channels mine is x6stil6nc6 for both!
  3. K

    Vlog Looking for Collab near Atlanta Ga

    Hey guys i'm currently approaching 100 subscribers in the 3 months I have been on youtube and I'm very passionate about it. I make travel videos, vlogs, and cinematic videos. If anyone is interested in collaborating near Atlanta or has another idea, just leave a reply and we can talk about it...
  4. Rallex

    Gaming Looking for people to join our Community and grow with us!

    Hello there, my bestfriend and I are looking for people to Collaborate with us and join our Community, Currently we play Fortnite and Minecraft but we can still figure stuff out. We want to grow with people and become bestfriends with people and grow through these years on YouTube. One day we...
  5. Grenation

    Gaming looking for a collaboration on ps4 (fortnite,GTA)

    Hey, We're two boys with a big dream that we're working on fulfilling. Our dream is to entertain people with DAILY videos of various games. We just started 3 weeks ago And we have over 115+ subs already.. Currently we only play Fortnite but we're looking to expand to other games. However we're...
  6. Jake Burton

    Vlog Anyone Fancy Doing A Big UK Vlogger Meet Up

    Hey Guys, Everyone on here is always looking for someone to collaborate with because it all helps succeed in what we all want to do, YouTube. So if there is anyone out there that is feeling that it would all be a good idea to have a big meetup somewhere in the UK that is a reasonable place for...
  7. Alex Engram

    Gaming Comedy Collab [PC/Xbox1]

    I want to record/livestream on PC or Xbox One and make people laugh. I currently only have 40 Subscribers on YouTube. (Link doesn't work below so you have to type Alex Basebound into YouTube) Games: Black Ops 3 Minecraft G-Mod Battlefield One Smite Rust The Forest Paladins CSGO and more...
  8. swizz

    Comedy looking for a vlogger

    Subslooking for someone who is funny or who has a nice personality to collab with 100+subs
  9. akramnob

    Gaming Looking for Youtubers WHO DO CSGO FUNNY MOMENTS

    i just started a gaming channel.but its hard to do funny video without any one so if you want to collab with me just send me a message ......:biggrin::biggrin::biggrin::biggrin:
  10. SmokeySpace

    Gaming PC/Xbox One Collab 50+ Views a Video!

    I'm looking for people to collab on PC or Xbox One that has 50+ views a video, and maybe around 150+ subs but it doesn't really matter. Games: PC: (My Steam is SmokeySpace) CS GO H1Z1(both) Miscreated World at War (Custom Zombies) Just Cause 2 and 3 (Multiplayer) Rust I may be forgetting one...
  11. Roosterdcosta

    Gaming (PS4) funny moments/trolling collab

    just a couple requirements -be 13+ years old (I'm 14) -have decent mic Games that I prefer you have: Cod iw Bo3 Bf1 Overwatch Add me on ps4: roosterdcosta Add my Skype: Rui D'Costa Let's troll and just chill!
  12. I_Targ3t4Dayz

    Gaming Someone want to colab on Phantom forces or minecraft

    If you have a channel and you make minecraft or phantom forces videos your in luck want to colab just ask me! Also have to have about 30 - 90 subs A little more or less I might accept.
  13. iKingJace

    Gaming looking for people to do a ps4 collab

    requirements : decent mic over 15 subs over 13years old games well play xenoverse 2 gta 5 and black ops 3 Hi, I'm looking for people who'd like to collab on these games above and make both our channels even bigger. My psn:KingJaceT679 and my YT: iKingJace friend me and message me
  14. G-Legend

    Commentary Just a smller YouTuber looking for an FPS gaming commentator to collab with!

    What's up guys? I'm just a smaller YouTuber (35 subs as of writing this) and I commentate on EA's FPS games with some other FPS games on the side. I focus mainly on tips, tricks, strategies; that sort of thing in my commentaries. I'm currently working with Battlefield 1 and Titanfall 2 so if...
  15. The oddball


    HI :grinphones::grinphones::grinphones: I AM MAKING THIS VIDEO SO A LOT OF UNDEREXPOSED YOUTUBERS GET TO SHOW OF WHAT MAKES THEIR CHANNEL SPECIAL TO A WHOLE NEW AUDIENCE. (this will be a 3 man project with professional editing equipment) -VERY LITTLE IS REQUIRED EXCEPT: -Link to your channel...
  16. Joe_brett15

    Gaming Collaborating??? Want to get to no YOUTUBERS!

    Im relatively new to youtube and im looking to collab with a few youtubers that have been around a lil longer than me and have had a lot more experience than me!! Comment below for any offers!
  17. Infrared Gaming

    Gaming True eSports Recruiting

    True Gaming is a new eSports team providing opportunities for Call of Duty players to play at a competitive level for real money. We compete in various MLG gamebattles and tournaments with prizes of up to £500. We also provide a community for gaming YouTuber's to meet other people in the same...
  18. shanesmaineshop

    Other Looking to posibly Collaberate with someone about DIY/HOW-TO

    I am looking to grow my channel and would consider collaborating with someone. I have about 326 subs and about 14,500 views per month. I do videos on all sorts of topics but I am very much a jack of all would consider many different topics. Also would be great if it were someone in the southern...
  19. Zenova

    Gaming CS:GO Collab?

    Hey I'm Zenova, Hope you are having a good day! I am here to ask if someone wants to make a CSGO Collab with me,I like to make "Montage type things" you can see them on my channel! If you want to Collab we will add each other on skype and we can talk, and we will exchange CS:GO highlight...
  20. SoulBarrier

    Gaming Looking for people to collaborate with

    Whats up my name is SoulBarrier or soul which ever you prefer I'm looking for other gamers to collaborate with on my channel you don't have to have whole lot of subscribers but you at least need 20 or more subs for more details ill put my skype info here and you guys can message me to discuss it...
  21. Roosterdcosta

    Gaming Starting a BO3 Clan Or people i can play with and chill

    just want some people who on a regular basis i can play with. please be: -chilled -13+ -dont take anything seriously i just wanna have a laugh contact me on steam at - roosterdcosta or roosterdc2 Seeya in game!