Gaming Starting a BO3 Clan Or people i can play with and chill


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just want some people who on a regular basis i can play with.
please be:
-dont take anything seriously i just wanna have a laugh
contact me on steam at - roosterdcosta or roosterdc2
Seeya in game!
Hey there, I would really appreciate it if you went to my YouTube channel and dropped a subscribe, like and comment on my videos. It would really help me out a lot and hopefully I can really progress through YouTube. Thanks
sorry but im not going to. i dont think anyones channel will grow begging for likes and views and also this is for people who want to play not watch
I'm not entirely sure what console you play on but basing on the fact that you said something about steam (i'm gonna assume you play on PC)
I have games like CS:GO, Gary's mod or even Minecraft (I don't play minecraft that much these day's)
I'm 14.
you can check out my channel by clicking the thingy below this message (i'm pretty sure it's there)
but anyways contact me on skype if you want to collab. (bananacupcake132 is my skype account name, will remove this part from this message as soon as you reply with "cool dud")