Other Looking to posibly Collaberate with someone about DIY/HOW-TO


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I am looking to grow my channel and would consider collaborating with someone. I have about 326 subs and about 14,500 views per month. I do videos on all sorts of topics but I am very much a jack of all would consider many different topics. Also would be great if it were someone in the southern Maine area as I have never done this before. but would be open to ideas. you message me if interested thanks.
Hey there! We just built a guillotine for our channel, and we wanted to make a tutorial for it.. but tutorials do not really fit with the type of videos we make.. so we decided against it.... However a collab/tutorial would be awesome! Let us know if you're interested!
I may be interested. What did you have in mind?
I could tell you step by step how I made the guillotine, and maybe get you some pictures. And then you could make a tutorial / diy video. Then you could tell your viewers to check us out to see the real guillotine in action! And we could tell ours to check your channel for the tutorial on how our guillotine was made!
Well I'm game we have nothing to lose. And maybe this could turn into a great relationship we will have to see how it goes. If you want to write something up and send it to me and some pics via email Ill see what I can do and we can run it by each other before we release it. it may take a bit to do but like I said we have nothing to lose. my email is shane@shanesmaineshop.com