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Whats up my name is SoulBarrier or soul which ever you prefer I'm looking for other gamers to collaborate with on my channel you don't have to have whole lot of subscribers but you at least need 20 or more subs for more details ill put my skype info here and you guys can message me to discuss it from there

Here is my skype name: SoulBarrier124 and what my profile is supposed to look like


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Ahh, I pretty much only play PS4 :/ I don't really have any PC games, gmod and css is about it.
Quick tip dude you should fill out your profile with all the pertinent information like your YouTube page and social media links. That way people who view this thread can see all of that from your posts

Edit: And don't make the mistake I did. Don't just put your YouTube username in the box because if your channel is under 100 subs and you have not set up a customized channel URL then that will just take people to a youtube page that says "this channel does not exist" or worse it will exist but it won't be your channel. Make sure you go to yourYouTube page and copy the jumble of letters and numbers after the /user/ in the URL that is the part you want to put in the box.
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