True Gaming is a new eSports team providing opportunities for Call of Duty players to play at a competitive level for real money. We compete in various MLG gamebattles and tournaments with prizes of up to £500. We also provide a community for gaming YouTuber's to meet other people in the same field to allow them to collab and help eachothers channels grow. We are currently looking for three or four new players to complete our competitive team however we need as many YouTubers with quality content as possible. How can you benefit from joining True eSports?

  • True eSports provide a community in which smaller Call of Duty YouTubers can collab with people in the same field to help grow their YouTube channels.
  • We provide a place for people to meet new people interested in the same thing for chilled out gaming sessions.
  • We provide a pathway into the competitive world of Call of Duty where real money can be won.
  • We are sponsored by Verify Apparel which gives members a discount from their site.