1. O

    Music Original Fantasy Oriented Music Circle - Seeking Vocalists, mixers, video eidtors, animators.

    Quintessence Quintessence is an original music group (albums, singles, etc) that is currently looking for vocalists, video editors, an artist, a mixer, and an animator. We focus on a fantasy oriented setting, with meaningful topics. Genres include pop, edm, orchestral, and symphonic metal...
  2. S

    Other Looking for help on recruitment/collab

    Hi I have had a great idea for a youtube channel and to be honest its the only thing I’m good at, but the thing is I need help. Basically its to do with football/soccer but I need someone to start it up with me. I can do the editing, recording all that but I am a goalkeeper and I need an...
  3. Infrared Gaming

    Gaming True eSports Recruiting

    True Gaming is a new eSports team providing opportunities for Call of Duty players to play at a competitive level for real money. We compete in various MLG gamebattles and tournaments with prizes of up to £500. We also provide a community for gaming YouTuber's to meet other people in the same...
  4. Reckr

    Gaming Looking for a LoL Ranked Team (In Bronze)

    I'm a 13 year old Filipino in Bronze looking for a LoL Ranked Team. I use Skype and Discord to communicate. I play mid lane and top lane. I am fairly well with Ekko, Shen, and Ryze. I am looking onto a friendly and helpful ranked team and learn new tips and tricks along the way. My username...
  5. C

    Gaming Need Gaming Crew

    Hi, I am posting this to see if I can finds Crew of about 5 (My friend and I included) . I am 16 and and just made a YouTube channel and was Hopi g to post videos of GMod, L4D2 and other games in the future. Requirements: - YouTube account doesn't matter how many subs - Decent PC - Around 16 -...