Gaming Need Gaming Crew

Hi, I am posting this to see if I can finds Crew of about 5 (My friend and I included) . I am 16 and and just made a YouTube channel and was Hopi g to post videos of GMod, L4D2 and other games in the future.


- YouTube account doesn't matter how many subs
- Decent PC
- Around 16
- Remember only 3 will be chosen so first come, first serve.

So responses mus have:

- Steam Name
- A little about yourself age, etc. (Nothing Personal)

I will check every day.
Well If you are doing gmod stuff I can tag along. You can find my YT channel and steam profile down bellow.
Oh PS: I cover all the requirements.
Hey I'd love to record with both of you, my channel is Superfree007 Gaming, and my steam name is Superfree007 I'm 17 and generally find myself hilarious. :) also I cant get my link to my channel to work so I wouldn't click on it :/
OK Great[DOUBLEPOST=1467590916,1467589905][/DOUBLEPOST]I have accidentally posted the wrong you tube link and so I posted a new one I made a new channel just for collaboration videos im sorry for any possible confusion
Hey, my Steam name is Mr. Pants and my Youtube is RedRonin27, I'd like to possibly join up with the group, I am currently 15, 16 in 4 months, I have a vulgar sense of humor if that's one thing you're looking for. I stay usually am quiet or don't talk at all in my vids, but I generally find my self talking "a lot" when I'm with others. just to fill you in, I do Let's plays, a couple "montages" I guess? and I'm starting to get into animation. Anyway, I'll recommend you check out my personal favorite video which is my 2nd episode of my Sniper Elite V2 playthrough and tell me what you think!
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I can only take one and since Renee responded first I have to take him but if anything doesn't work out I will contact anyone that responds later.
OK so... Renee Robles, Superfree007, and Commander Skull are the ones i will start a group chat tomorrow on steam with my friend i will invite you all. Look for FaZe_Meme (It's just a joke name) that will be me.