Music Original Fantasy Oriented Music Circle - Seeking Vocalists, mixers, video eidtors, animators.


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Quintessence is an original music group (albums, singles, etc) that is currently looking for vocalists, video editors, an artist, a mixer, and an animator. We focus on a fantasy oriented setting, with meaningful topics. Genres include pop, edm, orchestral, and symphonic metal. Vocalists must have high quality audio and video equipment, must feel comfortable singing on camera, must be able to create vocal melodies and harmonies, ability to write lyrics is also good, but not necessary. Please send at least two vocal samples, and one that is raw. This is a long term, dedicated group, that you must have time for, and make time for. Looking for mature, dedicated individuals, able to meet tight deadlines. Failure to do so will result in removal. Staff does not need to be able to be on camera. We will also sometimes stream on twitch, participation not mandatory, but desired. Message for more information. We are an opt in and out group that will work on original fantasy based albums, as well as rearranged song covers. We focus on meaningful music of varying genres. We are looking for people that want to be part of something special, and like to push themselves, and are creative. Must be able to take constructive criticism, and make changes. Should seek to constantly grow. Composer spots open to the right people. Currently only seeking females, but open to occasionally feature male vocals. Seeking a lyric soprano or coluratura soprano, dramatic voice type of any kind, coluratura contralto. Not open to mezzo sopranos, unless you are a dramatic mezzo soprano. Please send mixed AND raw samples, and list your gear! Mixers: Please send various samples, multiple genres preferred. Animators/video editors/graphic designers: Please send most recent works, and let us know what you work with.

Contact: Danielle#5039 on discord to audition or
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