1. D

    Gaming Looking for a brand new youtube gaming group/clan

    Hello So I'm starting a youtube channel soon where I will focus on making quality gameplay vids, and I would love to collab with anyone, and being in an actual group that I could collab with all the time would be absolutely amazing. So I eather want to make a new group or join one. I'm 13...
  2. ApexReaperYT

    Gaming Looking for collabs (ps4/Xone)

    Just looking for someone to play with once in awhile and/or occasionally do a collar with. Currently only have about 25 subs and have only put out cod montages. Would like to do funny moments etc. have a small group of friends that I currently play with. Mostly play on Xbox, but occasionally...
  3. DESiqn

    Gaming Call of Duty: WWII Colab/Team

    Hello Gamers! I would like to start a group/team of gamers when the new Call of Duty comes out. I am currently a graphic designer so I can hook our team up with the designs! The content I'm looking for is funny content as well as pub stomping gameplay. I'd like to recruit YouTubers that I see...
  4. bluidguy

    Gaming Looking for XB1 Clans (GTA: Online, Rocket League & other games...

    I am looking for a cuild/clan/crew on Xbox One to join as a member, but also represent them film-wise. I play several games on the console and am looking for some skilled players who just want to get their word out there. I would hang out with you in the game of your clan, and if I judged you...
  5. Diabetus

    Gaming PC Youtuber Group! Ready to Collab! 13+ Years Old Only

    Hello There! Im Kaden Knowles, 16 Years Old. I Have a Youtube Channel with 117 Subscribers at the Time Of Writing This. Me and my Friends are looking for Friends to Collaborate on The PC With! All Games Are Welcome, But we mostly Play The Following: Paladins, Garry's Mod, Modded Minecraft...
  6. DrDoomDorr

    Gaming Looking for YouTubers to collab with.

    Hello ACX clan here We are looking for people who want to join ACX Clan, we do not have such high demands, we are looking for PC Gamers and we are looking for people who are funny we do not have such high demands, if you are interested you wrote, or if you have questions :)
  7. Diabetus

    Gaming Join Our Youtube Clan! (PC Only)

    Hello Fellow Gaming Channels! I'm "The Bravest" But you can call me Kade. Me and a group of friends have decided to set up a Official Group of Youtube PC Gamers that can play games together so that everyone can grow and we will never be short on Friends to play with Called AK Clan (we can...
  8. SaNe Clan

    200 Subscribers!!!

    We finally did it, Us the people of SaNe Clan have finally hit 200 Subscribers! After a long journey of figuring out what to do (and what not to do) has now paid off! Thanks yttalk for everything. -SaNe Visions (Clan Leader)
  9. SaNe Clan

    Black Ops 3 SaNe Clan Montage

    We love putting together these types of montages. Please give me some feedback on what you think!
  10. CrZy_NOVAs


    Any call of duty snipers that are looking for a clan, and use ps4 for their console leave a comment if you would like go join. Our clan called CrZy is looking for new snipers before Jan. 1st when we will upload our teamtage. If you are interested msg me @CrZyNOVAs on Instagram and twitter
  11. Infrared Gaming

    Gaming True eSports Recruiting

    True Gaming is a new eSports team providing opportunities for Call of Duty players to play at a competitive level for real money. We compete in various MLG gamebattles and tournaments with prizes of up to £500. We also provide a community for gaming YouTuber's to meet other people in the same...
  12. SPG Clan

    Request Need an intro for my clan. Also looking for clan gfx creators

    Hi, I'm poor, so I don't have any money to pay for an intro. So if anyone would do it free, that would be fantastic. Also, my clan is looking for gfx and intro creators. Thank you.
  13. SPG Clan

    Gaming Looking for Youtubers to join SPG clan!

    Hello! We at SPG are looking for youtubers to help us start up our clan youtube channel! You need at least 10 subs but more is preferred! Join here: discord code is RF2kryZ
  14. SPG Clan

    Gaming Looking for agario youtubers to join a big clan!

    Hello! We at SPG are looking for youtubers to help us start up our clan youtube channel! You need at least 10 subs but more is preferred! Join here: discord code is RF2kryZ
  15. R

    Gaming CSGO Collab or possible clan !

    Hi im looking for a reliable group of people to play csgo with if anything i would like to create a clan to play hopefully it would be easier to rank up . i also do youtube on gameplay about csgo so recording with you would be so helpful. Skype : Rickss01 instagram : igrickss Steam : Rickss...
  16. T

    I'm making an gaming group like faze where you have the group name on front of your yt name

    I play agario but I'm getting a pc so we can play pc games Group name = we will make on up Req subs 40 plus We will have each other's link in our description that way we all help each other out when we uploadPut your skype down
  17. sequan123

    Recruit an editor

    Hey guys i am recruiting someone that can edit my sniping videos for me all you have to do is email me or go on my youtube page and send me a massage or however you can get into contact with me
  18. sequan123

    favorite music?

    what is your favorite music when uploading your gameplay
  19. sequan123

    YouTube Channel help

    hey guys this is prostatus and i am a youtuber who loves gamming i want to grow my channel hiigh as possible i want to make this my goal and my achievement my youtube channel is called Prostatus df plz guys help me get a least to a 1,000 subscribers
  20. Krympin

    Gaming Recruitment for new CSGO/COD clan

    Hey, if you clicked on this that means you want to be a part of a larger network of youtubers and grow your channel while having fun. This clan is your chance to get in early on a fast growing group of youtubers. Me and a couple of other youtubers have decided to come together and form a clan...
  21. SaNe Clan


    Well, we just hit 100 Subs so we're pretty pumped. At first we didn't think this clan would go this far, but here we are! This is huge...:bounce:
  22. V

    Gaming Looking for CLAN members!!!

    Hey, me and 5 guys created a clan based on multiplayer/online games. Most of us are on pc but if we get enough people we can sift over to console. Let me explain. This Clan will have A LOT of members but not all of them for the same game. For example there will be a CSGO team and a League of...
  23. AuthRising

    Need feedback

    Hey, We're a Call Of Duty team that bring Sniping,trickshotting episodes and montages we would like to get more feedback on our channel so we can make improvements in the future. We are also looking for recruits for our next big project Authentic 3! Team channel: TeamAuthenticPS4
  24. I

    Gaming Underrated Editors Needed

    If you are an underrated editor and think you are pretty good at editing (only cod related edits) then you might have a shot in hidden. Hidden is an editors group for small and underrated gamers/editors. Contact Info-=- (contact me and I will inform other leaders) skype- Mateo_Phantomhive
  25. NotANoob

    Gaming PS4 Black Ops III Competitive Clan

    Hi, my name's Alex. I want to start a Call Of Duty clan on Black Ops III for PS4. You must have seven things: - A Sony PlayStation 4 - Call Of Duty Black Ops III for PS4 - A PlayStation Plus Membership (To play online) - A YouTube channel where you can actively post videos of Call Of Duty -...