Gaming Looking for collabs (ps4/Xone)


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Just looking for someone to play with once in awhile and/or occasionally do a collar with. Currently only have about 25 subs and have only put out cod montages. Would like to do funny moments etc. have a small group of friends that I currently play with. Mostly play on Xbox, but occasionally ps4.
Xbox games: R6 Siege, PUBG, COD BO2, Farcry 5, DBD, Friday the 13th, overwatch.
PS4: GTA, Call of Duty, H1Z1, Battlefield 1
if you are interested in xbox one collaborations please hit me up. Im always fun and look to get humour in everywhere. 17 years old , xbox name: splashmaster456
Hey if anyone wants to Collab with me I’m down my YouTube channel is
I’m starting out, I have 42 subs and I am 14