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Sep 1, 2017
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I am looking for a cuild/clan/crew on Xbox One to join as a member, but also represent them film-wise. I play several games on the console and am looking for some skilled players who just want to get their word out there. I would hang out with you in the game of your clan, and if I judged you guys mature enough we would set out a plan to create a minimum of two (2) videos for your own YouTube Page.

I like to help people out, but also I want to meet people in these areas and think we could both benefit from the partnership. You would benefit by gaining a YouTube pretense (if you don't have one already) I would also give you a shutout on my page and we could work on a Cross video, posting one on yours and another on mine telling all about your crew and your new page.

I'm not a bi You tuber in any means, I have around (almost) 50 subscribers but I am gaining a following and amassing skills worthwhile to this field. I would benefit mainly through the experience of managing this relationship and working towards a common goal (not to mention any advanced editing techniques I learn to get comfortable with while helping you with your videos.

Anyway I hope to see at least some response, I would really like to work with YOU.