1. J


    Yeah just keeping it simple I’ve started a good ol’ YouTube channel and wanting to get more invested in. I’m looking for a crew who can have a good laugh with and bounce jokes off each other. discord:CatSays”No”#8433 Channel:
  2. BxZolar

    Need crew members for a gaming channel fir rainbow six siege pc

    Hey guys I'm starting a youtube channel which will mostly be on rainbow six siege. But I'm looking for a crew that will help with videos (I will also help you out) and also become good friends and youtube partners. They are mostly going to be funny videos which is why I need some fun people to...
  3. P

    Gaming Looking For Someone To join My Crew

    Hello, I'm PapiOx, And You Can Call Me Ox,And I'm 15, So I'm About To Make My New YouTube Channel, But Before I Do That, I Wanted To Form A Crew For Beginner To Join, Here's Are Few Requirements To Join The Crew: 1. Have Discord 2. Have A Mic (With No Echo, And Minimum Background Noise) 3. Can...
  4. PhysicsFreak101

    Gaming Funny Moments Crew

    I have been greatly inspired by Fitz and Smii7y's videos, and I have been making videos for over 2 years, and I want to form a Funny Moments Crew of some sort to record with. I already have 3 others in my squad already, and am looking for around 3-5 more members. Msg me on discord that you are...
  5. Rozcoe

    Animation Animation Fun Channel

    Hey everyone, my name is Rozcoe. My goal is to create an indie studio that’ll work with everyday peeps to bring their ideas to life. We’ll work with eachother on our ideas and help others with theirs in the future when we get our first studio. For now, we need animators! Not just any animators...
  6. IcyCell

    Gaming WANT TO PLAY H1Z1 PS4?

    My name is bakarainic and I play H1Z1 but at the moment i havent posted any and I'm trying to get good and also trying to find a crew of YouTubers and streamers so if u like this then comment PSN name Clynch_YT dont ask y it is that it was my old chsnnel
  7. TyeDye

    Gaming Comedy

    Heeeeeeeeeeey!!!!!!! Im looking for a crew to record with, more specifically, Im looking for fellow youtubers, who want to do comedy gameplay together. I want to be able to get on my PS4/PC, and join a game with my "Partners", and we just meme around. I Mainly play on PS4, and I have been...
  8. P

    Where to search for a local YouTube-crew?

    Remember those old Smosh videos from 2010/2013-ish? I want to make videos like that. I want to make comedy sketches like that. The point is that I live in The Netherlands with an English YouTube channel. The only friends I have are people who are either too busy to help or they live too far...
  9. Saderible

    Gaming Need Some Chill people to record some content (PS4)

    I'm not a picky person but I need a little group of people to record some games with the requirements are - Have a decent mic -Have a youtube channel (actively posting) -Be old enough like at least above 14 -Be chill and just enjoy the games Add me on one of these and contact me if you want...
  10. Wadism

    Gaming PS4 Funny Moments Crew!

    Hello all, So, me and a friend of mine have been playing together for some months now making funny moments videos together. We play a variety of games but we're always trying new ones out - mostly we're on GTA5, BF1, Fortnite, 7 Days To Die and I on my own play Fifa, CoD WWII and many more...
  11. bluidguy

    Gaming Looking for XB1 Clans (GTA: Online, Rocket League & other games...

    I am looking for a cuild/clan/crew on Xbox One to join as a member, but also represent them film-wise. I play several games on the console and am looking for some skilled players who just want to get their word out there. I would hang out with you in the game of your clan, and if I judged you...
  12. Suprex

    Gaming PC Gaming Crew!! (16+)

    Looking to start a PC gaming crew. Basically a crew to play games and make funny content. Requirements: -MUST be 16 or older -Have a decent mic with NO background noise -Have a sense of humor and doesn't get really butthurt -Games: -CSGO -GMOD -Gang Beasts -GTA -Golf It/ with...
  13. Saderible

    Gaming PS4 Crew

    Need people to record with Requirements - be your self Games i Play - Overwatch - Dying Light - GTA5 - Killing Floor 2 - Rainbow Six Siege - Destiny - Watch Dogs 2 btw ive started a new channel
  14. Q

    Gaming Searching for Gaming Collab!

    Hey, I'm going to create a team of 5-8 youtubers to make funny and quality gaming content on games like GTA 5, Gmod, Black Ops 3, Friday 13th etc. If you want to participate you need to be at least 17 y.o. and have a good sence of humor. Send me your example video on skype: agarioplayer123...
  15. Brandon LaBove

    Gaming Looking For Friends to Record With!!

    Hi there!! My name is Brandon LaBove. I would like to know if there is anyone who would like to collaborate together to make some awesome content!! I'm looking for people 14+ and has a sense of humor!! Also, you could join me in some of my livestreams!! My email is, if you...
  16. Sally Miller

    Animation Looking a writer and animator

    I'm looking for a script writer to help me create an animated web series for youtube based on my Charlotte and Tim sims series and my thesis short film. Back where we started from - Charlotte and Tim must fix their relationship with the help of their daughter, Sabrina. I want the animated...
  17. Z

    Gaming Looking for a gaming group (Xbox 1/PC)

    hey all i am a small youtuber with around 200 subs, i post pretty much daily videos of fifa and call of duty but was thinking of branching out to other game such as minecraft, gears of war and cards against humanity, if interested add me on discord (ZombieTubeStreams)
  18. KrivixHD

    Gaming Pc Gaming Collaboration/Crew/Partner

    Hey YTtalk i'm a 13 year old yet I am pretty mature so don't doubt me. I play mostly on pc, and will be getting a larger genre of games in the future. For right now I have Minecraft, Csgo, League of Legends, and a few others like DayZ.
  19. McKoyo

    Gaming Looking For Rust Crew!

    I'm looking for about five people to play with on vanilla servers on Rust. >Requirements< -Must have a good quality mic- -Must have 300 hours or more- -Must Have Discord- Hit me up if you're interested. DISCORD SERVER:
  20. Dread Chemical

    Gaming I'M BACK! Here to gather a collab (PS4)

    It has been a while since i last uploaded on my channel (For personal reasons) and i want to change that, so i wanted to do a collab on some games that i have whether i join a group or make one out of scratch. Note if you seen some of my videos (possibly not) i seem to have a group already, the...
  21. Jakerandy1144

    What to do when your film crew isn't on the same page?

    Working with a film crew hasn't been easy, recently its been a struggle to work with one another because some of us feel as if they are more passionate than others. We've been trying harder to create more quality content but sometimes that means pushing one another to work harder and thats where...
  22. H

    Gaming (PC only) Funny Moments Gmod, WAW, League of Legends and etc

    Hey there im HDemon Gaming and im looking for people to record with these requirements Male or female idc xD Good video quality and content (subs dont matter) No ragers im looking for people who like to have a good time and have fun. 14+ years old. No squaker voices pls. You need to have at...
  23. goombanna

    Short Film Always looking for crew

    Hey all! So I write/produce/direct/act in all of the sketches on my channel, and I have a whole list of more that I'm looking to shoot in the future! So I just wanted to get the word out there that if you're a cam op, sound person, or gaffer and wanna collaborate with me, I'm more than happy to...
  24. Nyze

    Gaming Looking for Collab Partners!

    I wanna create a team much like Vanoss' crew and SeaNanners' crew. I am really dedicated in making it somewhere in YouTube. Although I am 25 subscribers deep right now, I put work in my videos. I have no actual funny moments videos yet but that's because my channel went ups and downs in the past...
  25. Shylyrushed

    Gaming Looking for HQ group to record with!

    Hey my name is Shylyrushed (Drew) and im looking for a group of fellow tubers that want to record together and upload the footage to our respective channels giving different points of view. I play COD, Garrys mod, Overwatch, GTA, and warframe and more. I am 18 years old and am trying to produce...
  26. ShadowTigerZD

    Gaming Looking For People To Do Videos Together (Shadow's Posse)

    Hi, My Name is ShadowTigerZD on YouTube. I also go by many other names like Zack or ... Shadow, man I don't know. That's not the point the point is that I am looking for a bunch of people, a clan of sorts that can do videos together. Not just a one night stand, but a group that will record...
  27. B

    Gaming Looking for collabs/creating a gaming crew!

    hey guys, i've just started youtube and I'm looking for collabs and even starting a new gaming crew.. I have ps4, xbox one and pc. Games on ps4: gta v, fifa 16, rocket league, bf4 Games on xbox one: nhl16, gta v Games on pc: heroes of the storm, fsx se Age preferably 18+ Looking forward to...
  28. T

    Gaming Clan- NEED YOUTUBERS!

    Hey guys im a youtuber and i need members for my clan! i have 260 subs! I produce great content for my subscriber amount! also my twitch has 380 followers! If you are interested in joining respond with your channel link and agario skill! This clan is not suppose to be a little clan i am...
  29. Dread Chemical

    COD Black Ops 3 Zombies #2 - It Begins

    Leave a like if you enjoyed my video and hope to see you on the next one :) Please be nice and respectful in the comments Check out their channel HanchaGaming - MrPhyko - Music -...
  30. Dread Chemical

    Star Wars Battlefront #4 - Vader Is A Badass

    Leave a like if you enjoyed my video and hope to see you on the next one :) Please be nice and respectful in the comments Check out his channel Xjustified - Music - or...