Gaming (PC only) Funny Moments Gmod, WAW, League of Legends and etc

Hey there im HDemon Gaming and im looking for people to record with these requirements
Male or female idc xD
Good video quality and content (subs dont matter)
No ragers im looking for people who like to have a good time and have fun.
14+ years old.
No squaker voices pls.
You need to have at least Gmod or League of Legends and skype.
if youre interested my skype is:
I am trying to create a crew so if youre up to that talk to me :).
HDemon Gaming out
I'd love to join! My skype is wesley_cool (since wes is my name, and I was little when I made it) and the name should be Order 66. Thanks!
For some reason, I've been having issues setting it up on here, but if you search "Order 66" under the channel filter, it should be a black 66 with a purple backround