Hi, my name's Alex. I want to start a Call Of Duty clan on Black Ops III for PS4. You must have seven things:
- A Sony PlayStation 4
- Call Of Duty Black Ops III for PS4
- A PlayStation Plus Membership (To play online)
- A YouTube channel where you can actively post videos of Call Of Duty
- Skype
- A good microphone
- Decent internet
- A Twitch channel (Optional)
I would be the leader of the clan. You don't have to be a certain skill level because I am not the best either. I ask that you be 13 years of age or older. We would record/livestream us playing Arena mode which is Leagued Play and upload it to YouTube or livestream to YouTube/Twitch. It helps if you have a good PC too so we can do other things besides COD. We would also do other things to like recording PC games as well. Comment and we will talk if you meet these requirements.[DOUBLEPOST=1447232827,1447232665][/DOUBLEPOST]I also recommend you live in America so that it'd be easier to set up times to play. Also you MUST speak English.[DOUBLEPOST=1447233069][/DOUBLEPOST]Make that eight things, you must have an HD (720p, 1080p or higher) game capture card such as an Elgato or Happauge. You also must upload in HD.
I'll join your clan! Got a K/D of 1.6 and post BO3 content on a regular basis. I'm 14 and obviously own a PS4 and PSN. Add me on Skype BuBleuX45 :)
If interested I do have a clan myself called scout clan . Right now we are 3 members but very talented. We play competitive and sometimes wager for money if interested let me know :)
My friend and I are looking for YouTubers that can play and record videos on PC and PS4 with us. You must be older than 12 and under 17. I myself have 650 subscribers and my friend has 2.8K subscribers. You also must post videos in HD (720p or higher) as I myself post 1080p 60 fps videos and my friend posts 720p 60 fps videos. We have a few requirements for you to join our group.
- A gaming PC
- A YouTube channel where you actively post HD gaming videos
- Either a recording software (OBS, Dxtory, Fraps, etc.) or an HD capture card (Elgato HD, Elgato HD60, Happauge)

It is not required but we would be happy if you had a PS4 and in this case you must have an HD capture card.

Games we play often:
- Minecraft (PC)
- Battlefield 4 (PC)
- Black Ops III (PS4)
- H1Z1 (PC)

Games we have:
- MW2 (PC)
- Dirty Bomb (PC)
- BO2 (PC)
- Left 4 Dead 2 (PC)
- CS:GO (PC)
- Garry's Mod (PC)
- Unturned (PC)
- Gear Up (PC)

Owner of the group will be ItsKolapo
Hey man, I would love to join you guys! I currently only have a gaming PC, but I will have a PS4 by Christmas. I also already have an Elgato so that won't be an issue. I upload COD commentaries once every other day and I have been trying to find people around my size. I currently have 430 subscribers, but am growing. Hit me up if you're interested my Twitter is @AtmosYT or you can check my channel. Looking forward to it! :)