1. K

    Gaming Nevermind

  2. A

    Gaming What 300hrs of sniping looks like in warzone

    Check it out bois you wont regret it ❤
  3. ReMixzGaming

    Gaming Want to gather all content creators!

    Hello Everyone! My name is ReMixz (the "z" is silent) I'm a small streamer and I'm looking for youtubers/streamers to play with and stream with. I don't care if you are starting out on youtube or twitch or have 5 followers or anything like that. I just want people that are at least 17+ to join...
  4. I

    Gaming Rust server for cool people

    So I've been talking to my friends and just people I know who play on PC about creating our own Rust server (AKA buying a ready server with low ping and etc). We would need 25 people at least to make sense. We would prefer people who don't really know the game well so we can all start off...
  5. L

    Gaming Discord Server To Meet New People To Collab With!

    Hey, ShadowFire here! I've been working on a discord server for people to join and get to know other people looking to collab and hopefully find a group they're comfortable with! It's really for vibing, meeting new people, hanging out, and making great content in the same place. There are rooms...
  6. TeraVex

    TeraVex Vexbits Stream Highlights #2!

    Hi friends! Here's another video of some stream highlights from my stream! It would mean a lot to me if you gave it a look.
  7. Kingsnake1011

    Gaming Small Creators Group

    Hey I’m Kingsnake, I have a group of creators and we’re looking for more people to join, there aren’t many requirements but no squeakers please, and make sure your mic quality is fairly decent, if you’re interested in joining reply with your discord @
  8. Grifn4ge

    Gaming Gaming Collab Group | 18+ | Consistency

    Hi! I am looking for a group to collab with, or a few people to consistently game/record with. Sub count doesn't matter, I have just over 100 right now XD Requirements: Over 18 Pc aside from cross-platform games Decent mic Games I have (and record) R6 Siege Uno CS:GO GTA Gmod CoD Custom...
  9. MadBlaxe

    Mixer Or Twitch What do you think (After Some Big Streamers went to mixer)?

    What do you think about some big names on twitch go to mixer and what do you think about twitch and mixer ?
  10. A

    Gaming Looking for someone to make a couple of gaming videos and streams with.

    Hi guys, I'm just getting back into Youtube and Twitch and would love someone to collaborate with to have fun and help grow each others channels. I'm 19 so preferably no one under the age of 16 and that's about it really. Here's my Youtube and Twitch if you wanna check them out before replying :)
  11. S

    Gaming Looking to start a YouTube and Twitch channel. [PC]

    Right, the time has come to start making PC gaming videos and live streaming with the boys. I'm looking for people with an edgier sense of humor, 16+ years old, decent mic quality, at least a mid range PC (able to run games like PUBG, GTA V, Rust, etc.). Your sub count DOES NOT MATTER. I don't...
  12. L

    Gaming Looking for a group to record/stream with

    I used to do youtube off and on, but I want to try to make videos and stream more consistently and have people to do it with, preferably within the 16-25 age range. games that I play often: Minecraft (mostly modded) (PC) League of Legends (PC) Various Vr games (PC) Call of Duty Zombies (Some PC...
  13. Jammy951

    Gaming Looking for people to play games and collab with

    Hello my name is Jammy, or jammy951 (twitch and youtube) I'm 23 and from the UK and looking to find people to play with, chat with and just have a laugh. I am looking for people who are looking to play a wide variety of games, who want to play games whether it for streaming, recording or just...
  14. BadPixel

    Gaming New YouTuber/Streamer Looking for long time friends!

    Hello my name is Jack, or BadPixel71 (twitch and youtube) I'm 25 and from the UK and looking to forge friendships and long time friends (ngl IRL I have none) I am looking for people who are looking to play a wide variety of games, who are committed to their channel on youtube and/or twitch and...
  15. E

    Gaming Looking for Members to Join Siike Gaming

    Hello! Siike Gaming is currently looking for YouTube/Streamers that plays competitively in Fortnite and Rainbow Six Seige! If you're interested please reply with your Epic Games, PSN, or Discord (If you play pc or xbox) Here is the requirements for all teams! FORTNITE: -1.2 + K/D - Must know...
  16. ASMRher

    Privatizing Live streams, how? Anyone?

    Hi YTTALK, I want to privatize my live streams in the future where only selected people can watch. Any good suggestions for platforms or softwares? Youtube surely does not have that option. Does twitch has it? Feel free to share anything. My channel is ASMR.
  17. F

    Request New Youtuber and Twitch streamer looking for Music, Logo and Channel Art

    I am just getting started with streaming on twitch, as well as uploading to youtube. and I am looking for a logo and channel art to make my channel stand out. Logo: I am looking for a logo that fits my channel name. Something that has a farmer in it. I am ok with spending a little as long as...
  18. Shurikex

    Gaming Looking For A YouTube Partner

    Hello everyone my name is Shurikex I been doing YouTube in and out not at a constant level now with the holidays and and the new year to come I wanna take YouTube a bit more serious my aim is to try and create content daily and hopefully update videos 4 days out of the week. I have a full time...
  19. Hift

    Gaming Looking for a small recording group

    Hello, I'm Hift, Me and a couple friends are looking for a YouTube group, not a large group. We are not looking for fame just looking for a fun time playing games. There some requirements but they're pretty typical: Good Microphone Fast running computer Headphones (so we can't here gameplay...
  20. CallMeThomas

    Gaming Small YouTube Group

    Hello, I'm CallMeThomas, Me and a couple friends are looking for a YouTube group, not a large group. We are not looking for fame just looking for a fun time playing games. There some requirements but they're pretty typical: Good Microphone Fast running computer Headphones (so we can't here...
  21. M

    Gaming Youtube/Twitch Collaboration

    I have been streaming on Twich for over a year now and love it. I have a few ideas on some YouTube Series mainly gaming and revolving around RDR2 especially when the online beta comes out later this month. If anyone is currently making YouTube videos and wants to combine some of the Twitch and...
  22. Shadess

    Gaming (PC) Looking for people to collab with for YouTube/Twitch

    My name is Ethan (Shades), I am 18 years old and live in the UK. I have recently been streaming my gameplay to Twitch and I am going to try and upload some of the gamplay to YouTube. I used to be fairly active on both platforms, but haven't been recently as I had to part with my PS4. Now I have...
  23. Boj

    Services Youtube Banners, Thumbnails , & Logos

    Prices: 3x Thumbnails- $5 Banner- $5 Logo- $5 Banner & Logo- $7 Portfolio:
  24. H

    Gaming Come Play With Me

    Hey there im looking for people to stream and play games with on pc bust be older than 13 and be mature message me on discord XpertSniper82#3745 so we can talk thanks talk soon.
  25. Jammy951

    Gaming Looking for PC collabs

    I am an admin on a youtube discord group. We are looking for more people to join discord, play, create and help one another and become a friendly community. We play a range of games some being; Ark Rocket League Fifa WoW Golf It Overwatch and many more.... We only ask that you have a mic/ you...
  26. Pandun

    Gaming Pandun: Looking for some collabs. pc

    Hi guys i am a British youtube content creator for gaming on youtube ive been playing a recording on a variety of games including : Minecraft: Fortnite: Scum: The Forest: I dont have many subs but i feel we could still make a hilarious video together or a live stream please come an check me out...
  27. Ty Pedersem

    Gaming Looking For People to play Rainbow6 for a collaborator

    Need 1 person to do a collaboration with for my Twitch and Youtube Video on xbox. Reply if your interested
  28. Brainshock

    Other Hi there! Want to collaborate with me?

    Hello everyone, My name is Jay and I working on expanding my two YouTube channels that I work on in my spare time. I want to be able to collaborate with different youtubers on many topics since I have a channel that is geared towards science, technology, gadgets, futurism, etc, and one channel...
  29. D

    Gaming Looking To create a Streamer/Gamer Group.

    Hello, i have recently started a twitch channel where i am playing a mixture of games. i am looking into having a server filled with streamer/youtubers where all content creators can collaborate with one another. If possible i am going to create a second channel with some people where we can do...
  30. JeriKane

    Services High Quality, Affordable Premium Service for YouTube/Twitch Branding (Banners, Icons, + Much More)

    Hello and welcome to Selective Business, a Graphic Design store for all streamers and video creators worldwide. Officially open for business. YouTube Banner $15 YouTube Picture $5 YouTube Slide-Ins $7.50 YouTube Outro Card $10 YouTube Thumbnail $7.50 each (x3 for $18) $4.50 OFF...