Gaming Looking for people to play games and collab with


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Hello my name is Jammy, or jammy951 (twitch and youtube) I'm 23 and from the UK and looking to find people to play with, chat with and just have a laugh.

I am looking for people who are looking to play a wide variety of games, who want to play games whether it for streaming, recording or just for fun of playing.

Games I play

X-Plane 11
Euro Truck Sim 2
Rainbow Six Siege
Rocket League
Sea of Thieves
Cards Against Humanity
Stick Fight
...AND Plenty more via steam and other launchers, and I can always buy games if I do not have it!


I ain't going to list like others you need sub count as not about that, as long as your mature (obvs can take a joke ;) ) then that's fine by me.

If interested add Jammy951#9107 on discord and we can chat a bit more!
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hey I'd be down to play some stuff with you I have most of the games mentioned also I'm from the UK and I'm 20. My Discord name is HazzManBLAM!#4130