1. Owlins

    Streaming Advice - Youtube Gaming or Twitch?

    Hi All, I'm planning doing a stream in a couple of months, but because I don't know much about this subject I'm first looking into the different platforms. Can anybody tell me the pros and cons of both YT Gaming and Twitch? The only thing I know is that Twitch has been around longer and has...
  2. D

    Gaming Youtube Group

    Hello I'm a small YT who is looking to grow and collaborate with other YT's as well. I have 133 subs and want to find at least 3-5 other people to do YT with. I would want to focus on NBA 2K, GTA funny moments, Call of Duty funny moments, and GTA skits/series Requirements 1.Xbox one 2.17+...
  3. Shehzad

    Athene Vs TwitchAlerts CEO - Rant Video

    What's up guys bringing you my rant on the whole skype conversation between Athene and the TwitchAlerts/vulcun ceo. He is a scumbag in my eyes but enjoy the angry commentary for what it is.
  4. SDMGSmash

    Gaming Looking for nintendo channels to stream/make videos with!

    Yo, I'm looking for channels to collab with on videos and to stream with (PC/WiiU/ sometimes Ps4)! People who have a wii u are preferred as I will be streaming a lot of pokken and smash and making a lot of videos on both. Also you have to be 16+, for maturity's sake (I'm 17). Don't get me wrong...
  5. GamingRack

    Gaming collab on pc! on youtube or twitch

    Im seeing if anyone is interested in some kind of collab on youtube or twitch, either we could play something or maybe you need an extra for a podcast, both would be cool. The only requirement I have is that you're 18+. If you are interested just message here and we can sort something out.
  6. Edd Wilder

    Gaming Channel Colab&Future or Permanent Partnership :)

    Hey guys and galls content creators, My name is Wilder,professional nerd and youtuber/streamer newbie editor and so on. I would LOVE a colaboration video with any of you small channels who would be interested. I currently have 100 subs(so I'm small aswell :D) and I've set this ideea of a...
  7. Rquerd

    Gaming Live Stream Collab

    Hey guys, My name is Rquerd and I am looking for someone who's willing to make a live stream with me and a couple of friends. Please contact me on twitter @Rquerd. We will take care of the art and advertising. All we need is someone with experience on Twitch or Hitbox. Thank you and hope to hear...
  8. Rquerd

    Gaming Live streaming on January 9th, 2016

    Hey everyone! I will be live streaming with a couple of my friends for about 2 hours ( I am just starting out) and it would be awesome if you guys were there :) . Here's the details. Where is the livestream?: On YouTube. Just click to my channel down below and you will be getting a notification...
  9. TheBearKat

    Censorship & Rage! - Twitch Highlights with TheBearKat

    Hey guys! My Twitch viewers last night requested I go through a censor every time I swore during my stream last night! So I did! Here is the video! Give it a watch a maybe press the like button :D
  10. JOSLAD

    Gaming Dedicated Gaming Group

    Hi all. I am looking to create a group full of people my age (13 - 18) that are dedicated to Youtube or Twitch. I have wanted to join a group for a while and I know there are people out there like me. I have over 780 followers on Twitch, and stream FIFA and GTA V most days, with a bit of...
  11. F

    Gaming Finding youtubers to collaborate with...

    hey guys I'm flatmanflat and I do a lot of gaming videos and try my best to make good content on my YouTube, my YouTube is quite small however I'm only newly made and also do a lot of twitch as well with 127 followers, I do games from Minecraft all the way to call of duty, so if you interested...
  12. PointAndClickLP

    [BETA|Freeware] Twitch Autostreamer

    Twitch Autostreamer Description: The Twitch-Autostreamer gives you the opportunity, to stream your videos (for example past Streams, Let´s Plays) in sequence automatically in your Twitch-channel. For this you need a permanently running PC/Server with permanent internet connection. You have the...
  13. PseudoExon

    Uncharted 4 beta stream NOW

    Hopefully this is the right thread I can post this on. But there is a stream happening now on my twitch. I am doing Uncharted 4 MP beta.
  14. kadamono

    how to grow my channel? :o

    hey guys I'm new to YouTube and I've been asking some of my friends who are more familiar with YouTube for help, they sent me here. can anyone give me any tips and suggestions <3
  15. NotANoob

    Gaming PS4 Black Ops III Competitive Clan

    Hi, my name's Alex. I want to start a Call Of Duty clan on Black Ops III for PS4. You must have seven things: - A Sony PlayStation 4 - Call Of Duty Black Ops III for PS4 - A PlayStation Plus Membership (To play online) - A YouTube channel where you can actively post videos of Call Of Duty -...
  16. EVIL Humor

    Trolls make drunk Twitch streamer play the drums till 4:00 A.M. despite his family sleeping.

    I hope he didn't get into trouble... Jk :giggle:.
  17. Deltoy

    Twitch Raiding, Swatting and Doxing gone too far?

    So alot of people in the past couple months of Twitch have been swatted. For example, kootra. My question is, is twitch safe? Because what I want to know is if any potential streamers would see this as a turnoff. Such as sending pizza to sending a SWAT Team to your door. It's pretty strange...
  18. FanoBelmont

    Gaming CoD: Black Ops III Weekend

    Hey guys! I am going to be binging on Black Ops III this weekend. My plan is to do some twitch streaming multiplayer and then edit that for a "best of" video for the first weekend of the game. Let me know if you wanna play together, I'd love to hang out and play with some youtubers that want to...
  19. PlaidNGlasses

    Services Youtube & Twitch Package For Sale

    I have a youtube and twitch package for sale. Get everything you need to make your channel one of a kind.
  20. SauceOne

    Stream Times + What Games I May Do During My Livestream

    All the information for my livestream coming up on October 31st will be in the following video:
  21. Elti Meshau

    Services Cheap and Professional GFX!