Gaming Channel Colab&Future or Permanent Partnership :)

Edd Wilder

Hey guys and galls content creators,

My name is Wilder,professional nerd and youtuber/streamer newbie editor and so on.
I would LOVE a colaboration video with any of you small channels who would be interested.
I currently have 100 subs(so I'm small aswell :D) and I've set this ideea of a colab video :).
I would want only one thing from the start,HAVING FUN!
Fps's that I won Cs:go BF3
MMO'S Dota2,LoL,WoW,Smite
Would like to do reviews and random casts,maybe help others with the new thing called "shout outs"

Thank you for your time,good luck on the path tubers!
Hey Edd, I would be very interested in doing some Collab work. I think thru Connections and partnerships we can all grow together. Send me a message and check out my channel to see if our personalities would work together well.

FYI - I tried to click the link to your channel and it said did not exist whats you link?
I would totally go full colab with all of you guys lol, couldn't believe that people actually replied to it! Already sent some messages on your channels :)
I want to start doing a weekly series on my channel where we talk about being on YouTube and whatever else is going on in the world. Don't care about how many subs or views you have. Just think it would be fun to do.
We are always interested in collabs if you or any other people that are commenting on this post would like to do some kind of collab please comment.