1. S

    An entusiactic editor looking for a youtuber to edit a video for portfolio

    Hi! I'm using premiere for a while, but only recently started to think of it as of a source of income, and now I'm looking for projects to build a portfolio. I'm interested in and posting this right here because trendy youtube videos are a great niche I want to be up to. I'll make a video for...
  2. T


    Hey everyone :) Firstly congrats on anyone who's monetized and who's almost there. You deserve it bad. I'd like to ask any tips on how to get more views on your videos and more watch time to get monetized? And lastly, about partnerships, do you know where you could look for partnerships?
  3. Your Fitness Tools

    Looking to partner with Youtubers

    Hey guys We have just launched a new fitness platform website ( and due to launch our own youtube and social media accounts in the next 2 weeks. our goal is to offer free wokrout plans, recipes, reviews to encourage people to start wokring out. we do offer premium...
  4. V

    Partnership for Funny Video

    I have a 50k subs and about 60k views per day using other people contents. I am looking for partners who are in funny video niche to provide original contents so that we can profit share on the adsense revenues.
  5. waegt aweg

    Banned from Adsense.. No MCN.. Now What?

    So, I was banned from AdSense back in 2011 (don't know why). After my appeal got rejected, I created a new a channel in 2013, and tried to monetize my videos using a MCN. I applied to Fullscreen and was accepted right away with little to no subscribers and no AdSense account linked to my...
  6. Freddie Hill

    Are there any sporting youtubers or gaming channels out there looking for a Partnership?

    I have a few websites which i am more than happy to share with you all if you're interested in an affiliation/partnership
  7. CollegeAndBacon

    Comedy Channel Similar to GMM Looking to Collab (400 subs)

    We do a YouTube show called College and Bacon, with new episodes every Saturday and Sunday. Right now we have just over 400 subscribers. Is anyone interested in collaborating and partnering up to help build our fan bases? Let me know if you are interested or have any ideas!
  8. N

    MCN for really small channels?

    Is there an MCN that is really good at making channels become successful boosting subscribers and active viewers? Are there any networks that are worth the support and really great at CPM or anything (even though I don't care much about revenue split) but I just want something to help the...
  9. A

    "Sorry, your Youtube account is already connected to "my channel name" "

    A Network send me an invitation on my dashboard. I followed the steps to accept the terms, when at the end this message appears. It says my account is already connected to my channel. Before viewing the invitation, I activated the monetization and created a google adsense account. I think it's...

    Partnership or YouTube!?

    While on YouTube I've always figured getting a partnership was the way to go but I don't know the right answer. Should I get partnered or stick with youtube paying me? Does anyone know the CPM of YouTube? Is it still called AdSense?
  11. SpiderMine

    Gaming Free Minecraft Servers For Creators

    Hi, my name is Riley and I'm part of SpiderMine team. We are looking for Minecraft YouTubers to partner with us. Requirements: Your channel must be mainly gaming You must have at least 25 videos You must have at least 250 subs If you meet the requirements, contact us to talk about free...
  12. TheDragonking564

    Decent YouTube Networks for Very Small Channels

    Hey Everyone (been quite some time since I last posted on here), Recently, I left my network that I had been with for 2 years, and I am unsure where to go from here. I don't know which network would be best for my size, as I am currently at 123 subs, and have been stuck there for quite some...
  13. G

    Why hasn't Youtube blocked Adblock?

    I just got 800.000 views on a youtube video, but I have only earned 50 dollars, because over half of the viewers are using Adblock. So, my question is, why hasn't Youtube blocked Adblock?? Thanks in advance
  14. Nevery

    Gaming Looking for LONG-TERM YouTube PARTNERS!

    Hello Yttalk, I am currently In college, and I do everything possible to upload as much as possible. But I feel like a lot of the things get stale and boring, so I end up not uploading some of it. Therefore, I am looking for youtube partners, to do a bunch of videos together such as: Funny...
  15. SnowAspire

    Opinions on Exagerated Personality

    I've notice (as I'm sure you all have) that all big youtubers use an exagerated personality, whether it be minor or extreme. I see this from streamers like Ali-A, Markiplier, Pewdiepie, etc. What do you think about using an exagerated personality as opposed to the person you really are? I ask...
  16. saser25


    Is exonia a good network to partner with? I am 360 subscribers away from 500, and I want to partner with a network at 500 subs. Ive heard that Exonia can be good because it is a small network but Im not sure.
  17. MorganKelley

    Beauty/Makeup Looking for more collabs

    Hey everyone If you use discord I opened up a discord channel (which is a free messaging/voice service) for smaller youtubers to join and be able to easily connect with others immediately https:// 3X65QZH Thanks everyone! you'll have to delete the spaces between discord and // and...
  18. ClimaxGaming

    Any Good Partnerships someone could tell me about

    Hey, I wanted to ask if there are any recommendations of a partnership (except Freedom) why except freedom? Because freedom takes so much taxes when I get the monthly money (I'm not English so I don't know how to say some words, sorry :P) And I don't have that many subscribers join famebit or...
  19. Mood Music

    EDMLife or BBTV or Non? #MusicChannel

    Hello YTTalk Community, I have a YouTube Music Channel, and I want your advice if is good to join a network or not? if Yes, do you advice me to Choose EDMLife,BBTV or others? I hope if you could take a look at my channel and then tell me your opinion. Have a great day for all
  20. Dr.Whatever

    Other Looking for channels to collab with or put in recommended list!

    I'm a advice channel. Typically for couples and singles advice but I give a range of advice. My channel's motto is It's Whatever, No, It's Dr.Whatever. In my channel I game a bit and make some skits. Honestly, It doesn't have to be that involved we could just shamelessly plug each other for...
  21. ZeroChill

    Request [Free] Looking for someone to work w/ me on my projects

    I am an inexperienced designer who has only made a couple pieces of work. I was looking to see if anyone would be interested in looking over my YouTube channel art and helping me make Twitch art. I am also looking for someone who would want to work with me long term. Whoever works with me on...
  22. SwaggyIndian

    Advice for YouTubers joining a partnership program

    I joined Awesomenesstv's partnership program 2 years ago and I recommend you don't join them. I just got out of it a month ago and they kept all the money I made over those 2 years. READ THE CONTRACTS BEFORE SIGNING UP AND ONLINE REVIEWS. If you just started, you don't need a partnership...
  23. L

    Joining youtube partnership/Monetisation?

    I have been interested for quite a while now in setting up a YouTube channel properly, by becoming a partner and mortising etc. However, I honestly do not understand how earning money through monetisation works with UK taxes as I understand that even if all I earnt from a video was 1p I would...
  24. TheMix

    What's the right choice?

    Our channel would like a good partnership but we are kinda small. Any ideas on a good partnership a small YouTube channel like us could get?
  25. S

    Quizgroup Authorization Error

    I am trying to partner my channel with Quizgroup but whenever I try to apply for partnership I get an "Auth Error" message. After getting error message with my first channel I tried to partner my other channel. I again got the same error message. Is anyone else facing the issue or someone has...
  26. DeepU

    Music Collaborate ,Youtube , House Music , Channels

    Hey i search people who want to join in to make Deep U Channel a bigger and better Or who want's to collaborate with Channel's . If you interested contact me here or : Check the channel :)
  27. Michael

    Creative Nation MCN Payment Problems Not Being Paid on Time, Poor Communication

    Has anyone at YTtalk who is partnered by Creative Nation been having problems getting paid by them? I and so many others including their highest earning partners keep having monthly issues with not being paid on time and the whole staff going silent and no longer responding to support tickets...
  28. Michael

    Creative Nation Network Review

    Network Name: Creative Nation MCN Time With Network: 1+ years Total Contract Renewals: N/A Creative Nation Network Review: Over the past year and a half or so Creative Nation has never lived up to expectations and has largely been a big let down, if you want to learn why I don't recommend...
  29. Anjim

    Small Youtuber Benefits And Sponsorships

    I think it's hard to grow and getting subs on Youtube. I wonder if their anyway to get a sponsorships from have 200 or more. If that happens you might get more exposure on Youtube and social media. But you have to get 1,000 or more subs to get a sponsorship which is not easy. Why down on the...
  30. HyDraid

    Partnership "Curse"

    The network/partnership Curse, is that a good network ? I heard it was a really good network for gaming channels and that if you have around 500 subsribers it was worth to join it. Can somebody help ?