1. RyeDoazMc

    Gaming Looking for other Java Minecraft Youtubers to collaborate with

    I want to start an SMP server with 10 or so small minecraft youtubers with 50+ subscribers (we can make exceptions, just ask us, we are not picky). I thought this would be a great idea because we could do collaborations and much more that could equally help grow our channels. Not all details...
  2. Makeup by Mejkat

    Beauty/Makeup My start at youtube, makeup, colaboration

    Hi Everyone, I've just started with my beauty youtube channel (details in my profile description). Yesterday I added my first makeup tutorial and I would like to ask you Guys to see my video and give me some clues, advices how to improve it. I'm from Poland but I've decided to record in...
  3. TheFiveHive

    Gaming Close to 1k Subs ! Looking for People to Play with (Read for details)

    NEED TO HAVE: - 200+ SUBS - 15+ age - decent mic - consistency - good quality videos GAMES: Minecraft CSGO League of Legends All other F2P games If you are interested in a collab respond to this thread by describing your channel and post your G-MAIL We are looking for new people to collab...
  4. 9EnergyDragon9

    Gaming looking for fun people too collab with.

    i'm looking for people to collab with on some games and the requirements are : to be at least 14 years old or older and to be someone that does not swear/cuss.
  5. MitchKFrancis

    Vlog Nebraska based Conten Creator looking to colab!

    Hey guys, Any Nebraska based YouTubers out there? I'm looking to do some fun colab videos!!
  6. Ms. Niambi Ayanna

    Other Let's Collab!!!! :)

    Hey guys! I am a new YouTuber and I would love to collaborate with some people to bring more traffic to my channel and just have fun working with someone that shares the same interest in me. My channel is mostly giving advice through a skit playing a therapist. It would be cool if I could have...
  7. Cameron Blair

    Gaming PS4 Funny Moments

    Hello everyone, my name is Cameron Blair or my YouTube name, ByBlairzy. I am looking for someone to colab with on PS4. We will be playing GTA 5, BO3 and maybe more. We will be making funny moments video to entertain the community. I am looking for someone with around the same amount of...
  8. LuminousLive


    Hello there , my name is anthony and i want to record a video with YOU! first of all lets get right into the requirements -100 subscribers or more (can make exceptions) -good microphone -extrovert -outgoing personality -professinal channel branding PLEASE READ THE REST IF YOU WANT TO KNOW...
  9. RadiantGaming

    Looking for YouTubers to Colab with

    Hello you Rad people Radiant here. Recently I have been searching for people to colab with me and my friend to make entertaining YouTube videos. If any of you would live to colab with us and join our awesome group just leave a link with your channel ^^
  10. Indestructible Potato

    Gaming FIFA collaboration ?

    hey guys just wandering if any fifa youtubers want to collab, btw my console is ps4, we can do a wager or a forfeit match
  11. Crogamer11

    Gaming Rocket League PC colaboration

    Anyone want to play Rocket League on PC tomorrow with me? I will play it via Steam and I will make one Rocket league video because its free on Steam for weekend. I live in CET TIME ZONE! If you want to colaborate write a reply or add me on Steam. My name on Steam is Crogamer11.
  12. Vycemor

    Gaming Looking for more than a collab a YOUTUBE BUDDY!

    What's Up In Your Head Everyone My Name Is Vycemor And... I don't like to take youtube as much of people these days take it like if it was a competition to see what person haves more subscribers and views and by saying this I'm not saying I don't want a public or people who enjoy my content but...
  13. Zach S.

    Ultimate YouTuber Crossbar Challenge 2016 || Ft. HypoHutch

    Description : Hello everybody and welcome to the Ultimate YouTuber CrossBar Challenge 2016 Featuring : HypoHutch!!! HypoHutch is a personal friend of mine and we decided to make a challenge video on each other's channel. Be sure to check out his channel and subscribe to him right after you...
  14. Adam Goodsell


    Currently in Guatemala, we're on our way down to nicaragua, would be willing to go down to Costa Rica for some good collabs. Let me know what you guys think. Please leave the following: Name: Location: Channel: Best Form Of Contact: Willing to meet up all over the world this year. LETS TAKE...
  15. Edd Wilder

    Gaming Channel Colab&Future or Permanent Partnership :)

    Hey guys and galls content creators, My name is Wilder,professional nerd and youtuber/streamer newbie editor and so on. I would LOVE a colaboration video with any of you small channels who would be interested. I currently have 100 subs(so I'm small aswell :D) and I've set this ideea of a...
  16. TheOnlyICEYHD

    Gaming Gaming Group

    I have 336 subscribers, Im looking for people to Collaborate/Make a Group with, I want people to make funny moment videos with Such as GTA 5 and Garry's Mod.MUST USE SKYPE!, If you're interested hmu on Twitter its @TheOnlyICEYHD
  17. Sirmsudge125

    Gaming PC/XboxOne Gaming collaborations

    Hey guys! Looking to do some collaboration videos on either PC or XBox One platforms. Games im currently playing are: PC: Battleblock Theatre Chivalry Rocket League CS:GO PayDay 2 Gmod Xbox One: Payday 2 Chivalry Fifa 16 Starwars BattleFront and many more I've got 28 subscribers at the...
  18. Michael sandusky

    Gaming Looking to colab

    Hi i am firehazard and i am 13 years old i have a few requirements but there not much: first requirement is to not be shy second requirement is to have skype. and thats it i told you it wanst much, i dont have a lot of subs i only have 3 i dont have a like an awesome computer but works for what...
  19. Seebeard

    New Variety Show Looking For Future Guests

    Hey guys and gals, I'm new to the YTTalk community, but it seems like y'all are pretty welcome to new comers from what I've read today and I could sure use your help, so please bare with me, I know it's long. Anyway, me and a few friends started up a channel back in August of this year...
  20. Crogamer11

    Gaming Looking for Borderlands 2 gamers (PC, Steam!!)

    Hello friends, I have just made first colaboration ever on my channel and it was so great!! If you play Borderlands 2 on Steam write reply or add me on Steam
  21. martithon

    Gaming Looking for 2 more gamers

    Hello gamers! together with 2 friends we are looking for at least 1, preferably 2 or 3 more people to game and make videos with us! Games we are planning on doing: - Cards against humanity - Risk of Rain - Garry's Mod - Counter strike nexon: zombies - spy party and many more other coop...
  22. EltonMorgunov

    Gaming HEY looking for xbox one gamers

    HEY looking for someone to do a collab on xbox one my games are gta,aw etc looking for a group any body want to language: english,russian add me on skype: eltonmorgunov instagram: EltonMorgunov twitter: EltonMorgunovv (just started)
  23. Oliver Grizwald

    Gaming Someone to colab with

    Hello everybody, I'm Oliver Grizwald and I would like someone to colab with. Hello. As mentioned above I would like a person to colab with, playing pc games. Please reply below. Name: Age (11-15): Time Zone: Steam User Name: Skype Name: Youtube User Name: