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Hey guys and gals,
I'm new to the YTTalk community, but it seems like y'all are pretty welcome to new comers from what I've read today and I could sure use your help, so please bare with me, I know it's long.
Anyway, me and a few friends started up a channel back in August of this year, called "Hub 32". We're a bit of a variety channel is the only way I've come up with of describing it. We've done everything from science/entertainment news to satirical gaming coverage to life advice. That's just a few of the random ideas we've tried out in our first few months.
We generally target a "young adult" audience, (aka. 18-35 range), at least that's the goal. Come January 1st of next year, we're going to be kicking things into high gear though and narrowing down our show focus in order target more people, but that definitely doesn't mean less topics. Our main shows will remain our weird entertainment/science news and ranting video/audio podcast and our life advice videos. But we're leaving the Wednesday of every week to be our random ideas day.
It's on this day that I'd like to find ways of reaching out to other entertainers and developers, big and small, and that includes Youtubers just starting out with great personalities and ideas, but not much recognition yet, like ourselves.
One of the show ideas I've been pondering is to bring on niche YouTubers (eventually people from other avenues as well) who are huge fans/promoters of a particular piece of entertainment (For example: A gamer who is known for being beast at Destiny or a musician known for covering metal songs). And have them come on a sort of talk show, where the goal is to have them debate over why that particular piece of entertainment is definitely worth checking out. They would debate for it, while I would play the part of satirical devils advacate, fighting on the exaggerated side of the "haters" if you will to test how passionate and knowledgeable the guest is on the topic. Along the way, we might keep a pointless score tally, but in the end I give a shout out to the person's channel and encourage viewers to check it out as well as that particular piece of entertainment.
I know that was a bit of a mouth full, so I appreciate you reading it all, believe me. But if you find that idea and our channel to be at all interesting to you and you would like to possibly come on the show early next year to have fun and promote your channel, please let me know.
You can also tweet me over @Seebeard or the channel @hub32show if you have any questions or again would like to join. Thank you all very much!
I would be down to be a guest. My channel is geared towards the same demographic (18-35) and it's basically a channel about finding new and creative ways to have fun
I'd love to have both of you guys on actually. I checked out your channels and you two have something really unique going for you.
Olas87 you've got one hell of a knack for editing and getting the most entertaining camera angles possible, I don't know how much previous experience you have in the field, but your videos look almost on the level of a top tier production company.
DarkStar I love your personality, you're hilarious and I'm always interested in witty educational channels. The smarter in seconds and photography ABCs series are great ideas.
If you both would email me over at "" with your channel link, so that way I can contact you to plan the episode, that'd be great. I'll email you afterwards with the full details and we can discuss a date and time. Also let me know what piece of entertainment you'd like to debate about (ie. Movie, TV Show, Video Game, Sport, etc.) that somehow relates back to your channel. We'll be doing the interview/debate over Skype so hopefully y'all have access to some sort of webcam and mic, at the very least a mic.
Thanks again very very much and I look forward to working with both of you!
(P.S. I already subscribed to both of your channels on my personal YT page, keep it up!)
I would really like to be a guest my channels mainly geared towards jail breaking and apple news
YouTube is telling me your channel doesn't exist. If you could please post you're actual channel link or page name, I'd like to check it out.
Thanks D_halfrican, I went ahead and subscribed to your channel on my personal account. I love tech geeks, it's a tough market though, a lot of competition when it comes to reviewing items. But everyone's looking, right?
Anyway, if you would go ahead and email me over at "" with your channel link, I'll go ahead and send you the show details/plan. Looking forward to working with ya!