1. Icefrika

    Comedy He Tried To Touch My Body | Pawpaw | Nigerian Comedy Skits

    Pawpaw Tried To Touch My Body | Nigerian Comedy Skits. Watch, Like, Share, & Subscribe For More. Stay Tuned & Keep Watching Icefrika TV Follow Icefrika On Facebook https://bit.ly/3zRN8C2 Connect With Icefrika On Telegram https://bit.ly/3vSAgIK Subscribe Now https://bit.ly/3vN1xfB Email...
  2. T

    Short Film Saundersfoot Longboarding Adventure!

    Hello guys, it's Rozzer here! I'm here with a short film/edit of a day I and my friend spent longboarding in Saundersfoot, Pembrokeshire Saundersfoot Longboarding Adventure! Please bear in mind we are only beginner longboarders so only constructive criticism, please :) Other than that please...
  3. B

    Vlog Collab

    Hello guys and girls my name is charlie but I go by the name bigchazza. So I live in the uk Essex and I was wondering if anyone fancy doing a collab helping each other out ,, my channel is about entertainment so just my normal day or prank videos or games and travel so I got a like water park...
  4. MasterDF

    I Make a Hotdog Martini

    Check out my new video! Let me know what you think!
  5. MasterDF

    I make a Pumpkin Spice Hotdog

    Check out my new video, andet me know what you think!
  6. TheProfessionalhooligan

    Gaming Looking to collaborate with other youtubers to bring the community closer (Xbox One- Road to 400 Subs.)(BO4 and MW)

    Hello YTtalk community, This will be my first time posting or uploading here. I am looking to collaborate with other youtubers to help bring the community closer. I am a gaming channel looking to meet new content creators and gamers for the channel. I am aspiring to help and change one millions...
  7. Gate of Theories

    Recreating Disney Tik Tok's

    I hope you guys enjoy. Tell me what you think ;)
  8. AverageBrino


  9. AverageBrino


  10. AverageBrino

    BROTHER VS. BROTHER (loser dances?)

  11. AverageBrino

    Home alone.

  12. AverageBrino


    Thank you GUYS so MUCH for SUPPORTING and HELPING ME REACH MY GOALS!! I reply to all comments so BODY SLAM A COMMENT!!! Social media links right here. Link me up :) Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/brianchan17 Twitter: https://twitter.com/brianchan2410
  13. Fost

    Fost Shorts( What Don't You Do Fost? Me: Hate on People Lol.)

    Another thing on the entertainment side is that I add some clips or I use my past gaming clips that I felt were entertaiment material for some short stand alone fun enjoy. Normally I'd go with the first vid on playlist but people seemed to pick up on this one quick lol GTL9: Thanks ya'll
  14. AverageBrino

    Stuck at the same number

    alright its time to ask for help. For about a year i started off my channel with vlogs. Later on I tend to step away from vlogs but instead make comedy/skits. But one problem is that Ive been stuck at the same amount of subs especially like 745 for a while now. Can anyone just give me any expert...
  15. AverageBrino

    Comedy Toronto, Ontario GTA?

    Hey anyone living in Toronto, Canada? I have 748 subs so far. Looking for some peeps to collab with and maybe hit some Comedy videos and skits! LET ME KNOW!
  16. G

    Short Film Lets Work Together! Looking for Talented Film Producers!

    Hi All, I am new member and hope everyone is well! :) I am one of the co-founders of Stream Go Media , Ad Tech & Video Content Distribution company, headquartered in New York. We are in the process of creating our own OTT video content channels and we are looking to licensing video content...
  17. J

    Youtube Help!

    Hey, guys! I have a youtube channel and I'm trying to grow it. Any ideas on how to grow my channel? Any suggestions? Thank you for your support! See ya! ESPAÇO!!
  18. Top 10 Productions

    ABC's but with Vine

  19. Top 10 Productions

    Top 10 Marvel movies

  20. Joley

    Gaming [PC] ~ Looking for people to record / play with! ~ [PC]

    Hello! I'm looking for a few people to play and make videos with! Heres a small introduction to my channel which you can check out with the button below! I usually play for the entertainment and enjoyment! I like meeting new people and utilizing their comedy and personality to fit with the...
  21. W. Andrew Powell


    After posting over 500 videos, and after 7 years, I finally hit 5 million video views this month with my entertainment channel. I've been interviewing people for 17 years, and there are hits and misses of course, but it's rewarding to finally hit this target and now see what I can do next. If...
  22. C


    I'm looking to collab on a video, it can take place over skype but you need to be funny and have quality videos. I also recommend you be around my age (16)
  23. buzzcuts

    6 Surprisingly Scary Horror Cartoons & Kids Shows

  24. Courtney Candice

    How to get rid of acne

  25. Diversified Unison


    We are proud to present our new video. Check it out and make sure to share and leave your comment...Let us know your thoughts.
  26. Novainfusion

    For the Hearthstone fans :)

    Hi all this is Novainfusion here. After allot of games and allot of tears and also allot of salt i finally beat the lich king with all classes. So you guys can see my loot :) hope you guys enjoy it. Thanks for watching have a nice day.
  27. Jaysterbaby

    Need help with YouTube card game

    I am trying to create a collectible card games that's new and exciting. I am looking for information such as permissions needed, if any. Follow us on Twitter @YouTubersAttack to get latest updated and news Basic easy to learn battle system Booster Packs, Starter Kits, Box Sets, etc Can you...
  28. gibbsy90

    90's tv show quiz

    here is a little nostalgia for any 90's kids out there ;)
  29. CollegeAndBacon

    The Lie Detecting Challenge

    Detecting lies comes naturally for some people, while others are much more naive and gullible. In this episode, we put our lie detecting skills to the test in a game of straight faces, quick wit, and completely fabricated stories!
  30. CollegeAndBacon

    The Strangest Things That Have Fallen From The Sky

    Imagine going outside, looking up, and seeing a cow falling out of the sky... or spiders.... or blood. Sometimes there are explanations for the strange things that fall from above, and other times it remains a mystery. Regardless, in this episode, Jayson and Eric bring you a short list of truly...