1. Mr Danny

    Exposing Santa's Secrets

    I know this is a risky thing to publish, but it's time someone stood up to that deceiving old man. I'm not gonna let him lie to anyone else anymore. I've had enough. Here's what Santa has been lying to you about.
  2. Pedroseph

    How are my challenge ideas?

    Hi guys, So I've posted in a few different areas of this forum and it's turning out to be my favourite one! I am an entertainment based channel who does pranks, challenges, giveaways and little sketches/short films. Today I'd like to focus on my challenges. The challenges that I do on my...
  3. Mr Danny

    Christmas Carols

    Happy Christmas everybody! And no, it's not too early to celebrate Christmas, okay? So to celebrate the beginning of Christmas, here's a video about Christmas Carols! Which somehow turned into complaining about children. Just watch it, you'll get it.
  4. Mr Danny

    Thanks Thanksgiving

    Happy Thanksgiving everyone! You're supposed to say thanks now. Thanks. You're giving thanks. Thanks-giving. Thanksgiving. So as you might have guessed by the amount of times I've said thanksgiving in this post, this video is about Thanksgiving and giving thanks. Which reminds me: thanks.
  5. GeniePurple


    Hello my crazy nutters/ dudes, new video up again, The Genie trying Butterbeer for the first time... Remember to Like, comment, share and of course subscribe so you can be my friend ;) :mstickle::inlove::eeks::bounce::bounce: Check back every Saturday for new upload!:thanksthumbs:
  6. Mr Danny

    World News w/ Mr. Danny

    SO a lot has happened this week. A lot. But mostly one thing. One big thing. Catch up on the latest super serious news and be the know-it-all of the party by watching this super informative news video which is 100& super informative and cool and informative.
  7. Mr Danny

    I Have a Cold... that's it

    I Have a Cold is a piece which is pretty self-explanatory. I have a cold and I talk about it. In an entertaining manner. Although I don't actually talk a lot about the symptoms, or the feelings, or the disease itself. Yeah idk. Just watch it. Thnx bye.
  8. Becca Clansey


    The munchers, the emotional rollercoasters, the SPOILERS! I'm sure we can all relate a little bit ;) road to 300 subscribers is making me so excited I thought i'd upload an EXTRA video this week :D Hope you enjoy!
  9. ShawnMcCallum

    Fall in 4K

    I took my drone into the woods to capture this beautiful season. This is what I came out with.
  10. LooneyLad

    Anyone got any Crazy Ideas!? GET INVOLVED..

    Has anyone got any funny, random or mad ideas to put forward for me to do? I get a lot of requests from subs etc.. but thought this would be an interesting place to find out ideas and for everyone to get involved with random banter, ideas etc.. Doesn't matter if it's random, stupid or silly...
  11. Mr Danny

    Lady Gaga's Joanne - DUMB Review

    Lady Gaga! Joanne! Existentialism! If these words mean anything to you, then this video is made specifically for you. Yes, YOU. Not the creep behind you, YOU! It's, as the title explains, a dumb review of Lady Gaga's Joanne. And it's dumb because it's not an actual review. There you go...
  12. Kemono

    Check out these Quizlets

    I post mainly gaming videos but I want to see how videos like these will fly on my new channel. Check it out and I hope you enjoy, thank you so much!
  13. DuncanT


    Hey guys! So I've been working on YouTube every evening and weekend for the past 2.5 months. I love doing this, but even getting a little growth a day makes me happy. One like a day brightens up my day like nothing else can. But... I kinda hit a wall. I don't really know how to create some of...
  14. Mr Danny

    Halloween Spoops!

    Boooooo! Boooo! BOOOOOO! No, I am not booing you off the stage (although get off there you're embarrassing yourself), I am trying to scare you! Because that's what Halloween is about! That, and capitalistic tendencies promoted by the sugar industry. So more on that on this video! Watch it! Plz.
  15. Active Rooster

    Would love some constructive criticism on my channel!

    Hello there! I'm Active Rooster and I'd like some criticism on my channel. I upload comedy gaming videos. I would like to know what others think of my channel and what I can do to improve. I'll link my channel and some of my videos, but if you can, please watch some of my more recent videos and...
  16. OC_YT


  17. gerard loughran

    Would love an open minded review! always trying to be better.

    if you have a free minute would love a review on my channel, what you think of the content and banner and thumbnails etc.. love making videos and have a great laugh doing it, and just want whoever visits my page to enjoy it just as much thank you :)
  18. The Black Mastadonte

    Where do babies come from?

    Hey guys. SO I made a new funny vlog with my crew talking about where I thought babies came from when I was younger. I hope you guys enjoy!
  19. Mandi at Random

    Things That Lazy People Do

    subscribe if ya like the video!
  20. Mr Danny

    My Horcruxes!

    I AM VOLDEMORT REINCARNATED! No I'm not but I know my fair deal about horcruxes! No I don't but I still talk about them in this video and which objects I would have be my horcruxes. Maybe it can be your inspiration?
  21. Rahi Official

    My own song!!

  22. Rahi Official

    My own song!!

  23. MultiDragon129


    COW CHOP ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Cow Chop just hit 500,000 Subscribers!! I made a tribute video of their GIF on Twitter, I was...
  24. Mr Danny

    Welcome, Autumn! And bye summer you jerk

    It's autumn! Which you already know because you've drank 3 pumpkin spice lattes today. Well, fine. I'm late to the party. One day late. Whatever. Wanna say goodbye to summer with a beautiful eulogy? Give autumn a toast? Well I did it first IN MY NEW VIDEO! (the one you see above, duh)
  25. LilPineappleGaming


    Hi my name is LilPineapple! I recently made a Youtube channel called LilPineappleGaming and I am looking for anyone who want to collab and post daily of playing video games for fun! -I'm 18 (male) and looking for anyone 18+ -Looking to post daily Youtube videos -Enjoy and have fun video games...
  26. O

    Rebecca Black Great Divide (Remake)

    I remade the Rebecca Black "Great Divide" Music Video. It was for a contest she was having. HOPE YOU LIKE.
  27. RazeReckage

    Gaming Gaming Group (Collabs) Funny Moments/Funny Videos

    Hey what's up My name is Raze! I've been a YouTuber for nearly a month now :D Me and some other YouTubers have been playing/recording/editing and uploading gaming videos lately. We are a small group and we are open for recruitment and new people! Requirements are as followed: Age: 18+ Have a...
  28. Mr Danny

    Dating Desserts!

    For all you dessertsexuals out there! If you've ever seen a delicious, warm, gooey, soft, intensely chocolately brownie and thought to yourself "DAMN, I want to date that sugary angel", then this video is for YOU! Go ahead! Watch it and make your dessert dreams come true...
  29. c4alan92

    Crazychimp, Professional Entertainment and tech channel

    Hi, I am Alan the , a Motion Graphic designer , I like cinema and tech , that's why I made Crazychimp, channel, I spend a lot of time to make some quality videos , I will be happy if you watch it and give me your feedback