1. jacksback

    Vlog Online Collab

    Hey I'm 14 and i do vlogs and other random videos with 274 subscribers so if anybody wants to do an online collab im down!
  2. Mr Danny

    Campaign Slogans

    I love democracy, I love pancakes, but most of all, I LOVE CAMPAIGN SLOGANS! They're fun. Don't believe, you cynical anarchist? Fine. Watch this video. We'll see whose ideals wins.
  3. jdSenpai


    If you got constructive criticism feel free to say ! :)
  4. Mr Danny

    Oscars Predictions

    Have you always wanted to be a forune teller? Well tough luck only us fortunate enough to be born one can do so. But you can watch this video, learn who's gonna win at the Oscars, and be close enough. You're welcome.
  5. TheToastGamer

    Gaming Looking for PC gamers to collab & connect with!

    What is up guys, I'm looking for PC gamers only ( i only really game on PC) to collab with and to create a group with. In this group/collab there are no major requirements, only that you're nice and easy to get on with! I'm 19, so people near my age group would be cool, but it is not a must. I...
  6. Mr Danny

    Post-Valentine's Day Break-Up

    Love is dead, long-live love! Love oil (like olive oil but not) Anyways, Valentine's Day happened, people broke up, here's how to do it. Boom! Efficient video description.
  7. Mr Danny

    Pancake Art Designs! #2

    The best series in YouTube is back for a very much needed second part! You guys have (not) been asking for ages for this, so of course had to oblige! And here we are! Better and improved and still disappointing and with a misleading title.
  8. Courtney Candice

    School rules are stupid?

  9. Mr Danny


    Protests are a thing that people do and here's a thing I did about people doing protests it's dumb it's funny it's politically poignant and it's perfect for youuuuuu
  10. Hunhura

    Other Russian YouTuber with 100 subs looking for a collab!

    Hey! I'm really sorry for my clickbait title... hahaha! My name's Hunhura and I'm looking for a collab :D I am still pretty much a newbie. I've got slightly over 100 subs if it matters to you. I don't have a definite genre or limits for my content. I love everything that's fun to do (I guess...
  11. bboytlil

    The Journey: Bboying, Anime Gathering & Fanime | bboytlil

    Hope this inspires you guys to get out there and live life because life is short. Do what makes you happy and most of all enjoy the moments and cherish it.
  12. JayPlaysOfficial

    Paranormal Activity 1 | MINDS OF THEIR OWN!!

    Welcome back to another video everyone! As you can tell, we are playing Paranormal Activity! This is just 1 of 3 Paranormal Activity Games..ENJOY!
  13. bboytlil

    Dance For Second Chance - Inspirational Short Film | bboytlil

    At one point in life I went through a very deep depression which cause me to have anxiety, lack of self confidence, pain, social isolation and suicidal thoughts due to a lost of two friends who were family to me. I felt empty inside and was drowning in my emotions. The only things during that...
  14. Mr Danny

    Shopping Bag Haul!

    Game-changer right here! In the first of what I believe will be a long series of successful videos, this shopping bag haul will take through some of my favourite shoppig bags EVER! Exclusive access, for free! If you don't take it you definitely don't like a bargain.
  15. PleaseDavid

    6 months, 300 subs, and 15,000 views! Thanks you!

    Ive been on YouTube for 6 months now, and to date I have 300 subscribers and 15,000 views! Grateful that at least some people find my distasteful comedy somewhat funny. I dont usually write serious things like this but since im truly so excited I just had to. Anyways, cancerous comedy isnt going...
  16. Mr Danny

    A Sweet Surprise

    Yes, I usually make dumb "funny" videos, but I am a very versatile entertainer. I can also make very inspiring, heart-warming videos, that'll make you sob your eyes out and call your mum to tell you love her whilst you drink a warm cup of hot chocolate.
  17. bboytlil

    Studio Session Vol. 33 - Flare To 1990 & Airflare To 1.5 (Progression) | bboytlil

    YOOO~ It's Friday so I gotta hit you guys with another Studio Session! This week in Studio Session Vol. 33 practice has been super good since I was able to hit my Flare To 1990s, Airflare To 1.5 and also I'm working on baby airflare! This airflare variation is freaking hard and insane, but once...
  18. bboytlil

    Vloging & Dancing at Norcal Winter Cosplay Gathering!

    It was amazing seeing everyone at the Norcal Fall/Winter Cosplay Gathering! There were sooo many good vibes! We had a lot of fun catching up with everyone, talked about Kpop and started our own dance circle and got some cosplayers to join us and got ourselves some Boiling Point! Enjoy the video...
  19. Monica C.

    Brand New Entertainment Channel Seeking Advice (And possible collabs )

    Hi, My name is Monica and I've just started my youtube channel back in November. I would really appreciate any feedback and advice on my videos: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC8nJY28HlLwVePyhyJ3A0CQ My content has mostly to do with reviews of various topics and I'm hoping to grow an audience...
  20. Mr Danny

    How To Keep Your New Year's Resolutions

    Have you ever wanted to improve yourself? You really should, you disgust me. Well this is just the video to watch to do so! It's great: it's informative, there's a plant in it, some bad advice and a stare-down. What else do you want?!
  21. bboytlil

    Hey everyone, so we starting off 2017 with our breakdance progression! :D

    Hey everyone, so we starting off 2017 with Studio Session Vol. 32! This week we'll be showing you our Bboy progression! We had a lot of fun and everyone definitely killed the dancefloor! I hope you guys enjoy the video and have an awesome weekend!
  22. bboytlil

    Nostalgic FEELS at the Monterey Bay Aquarium!

    Today on The Life I Live Episode 7 I'll be taking you guys to the Monterey Bay Aquarium! If I had one word to explain my day it would be nostalgia! Since I only been to the Aquarium once when I was a Young Jedi~ well I hope you guys enjoy the video! :D
  23. Mr Danny

    NOT 2016 In Review

    After a year of strenous fight, we have finally defeated 2016. Wow. What a battle. Not even Sun Tzu could've defeated that foe easily. But now it's time to NOT look back at this year, and NOT reflect on it's major events and NOT discuss them in a NON-comedic manner.
  24. bboytlil

    Best 2015-2016 FUNNY MOMENTS of my life!

    Today on The Life I Live Episode 8 I'll be bringing you some nostalgic FEELS with the best moments of 2015-2016 of my life. This is a bunch of random funny clips I put together throughout the year! OHH GAWD~The things I do with my friends, those crazy KPOP moments and just soo much randomness...
  25. Foolio

    Merry X-Mas from me and The Trumpets

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Hair Everybody! ;):up2: Newt the Gingrinch - who was been seen grazing around the White House - wishes you a merry Christmas and I'm sure Happy Holidays!
  26. GeniePurple


    Merry X@AS eve dudes OR S***** eve... Here is the new Xmas Short montage video for you guys.. Hope you have a lovely seasonal time with family, friends even pets .. And remember to Subscribe for new content (NOW) every Sunday, So check back! Hope to catch you dudes laterz peaceeeee dudes \m/
  27. GeniePurple


    Yesterday I uploaded a new video.. YEAAAHHH MORE SWEETS TO EAT. So here it is, if you haven't subscribe, do so, So you can check back every week for new random, awesome, fun videos .. peace dudes!
  28. Mr Danny

    On the first day of Christmas...

    You know how the song goes. Except you don't know how THIS song goes. And there's only way to find out... WATCH THE VIDEO! :)
  29. JayPlays

    You Have 10 Seconds 2 | I HAVE 10 SECONDS?!?!?

    Yo guys!, if you did miss my last video, please be sure to check it out and maybe show a little support :D that would be awesome, if you also want a shoutout for your channel, comment on any of my videos or message me and ill give you a shoutout on my next video which will be up later :)
  30. Mr Danny

    Super Useful Christmas Guide

    Do you like consumerism and capitalism? Buying things? Then this is the video for you! It has the best gift ideas for your loved (and not so loved) ones! Hope you enjoy it (and buy the things I tell you to in the video) (that's kind of a joke you'll get it if you watch the video) (lots of...