1. c4alan92

    CrazyChimp, A Professional Entertainment, Tech Channel

    Hi, Here is my New channel, "CrazyChimp" it is a professional, tech, science, entertainment channel, we do our best to bring quality content to our subscribers.. Will be happe if you check it here
  2. Mr Danny

    Shakespeare: Millenial Version!

    Has someone ever told you to educate yourself? WELL YOU SHOULD YOU UNEDUCATED BRAT! Sorry, my inner Shakespeare villain has taken over. I meant that if you wanna learn about Shakespeare's classic plays, you shoul totally check out this video. You won't learn about the original plays at all but...
  3. Mr Danny

    Back To School Extravaganza

    Are YOU *points finger* going back to school? Yes? No? Who cares! Just watch this video.
  4. Pierre Maynard


    So i haven't done a Spanish video in 2 years, and i have finally made one this year! This time i played a smooth Latin based music it's relaxing and really takes you back to the beach :D Iv'e been in to Spanish guitar for about 5 years now i love it and i hope you like this video too! ;) :D...
  5. Mr Danny

    200 Slaves! I mean, Subs!

    So after ~2 years in YouTube (but been constant since about a year) I finally hit the magic number of 200 subscribers. Why is it magic, you ask? Well, because I'm excited about it. And human excitement is magical.
  6. Mr Danny

    How To: Birthday Cards!

    Hey you useless piece of human! Do you want to learn to do something right for once in your puny slave life? Good, then watch this video! You can learn how to do some really great, emotional, impactful birthday cards for your loved ones (and other). :) :) :/ :)
  7. Pierre Maynard


    So i have finally made it to 100 subscribers, YES it took me so long to get here But i finally made it GET IN! :D :D I am so happy that people are watching my videos and keeping up with my content! :D I know i haven't been great with producing content constantly but i'm trying now. :) Hope you...
  8. ZavNation

    Channel feedback and Video feedback :D

    Of course as a beginner Youtuber, criticism could be taken the wrong way, for me BY ALL MEANS go ahead and squirt your feedback on to my channel or here whichever is fine with you. Okay so may be squirt isn't a good choice of words, but ya get the point haha! p.s oh and I know my channel banner...
  9. ZavNation

    YO, All kinds of comedy gaming :D!

    How ya guys doing on this fine morning with a hint of taco sauce. I have no idea what the heck that means so rip. Anyways I just share my funny moments in games that I caught while recording luckily!! If you guys are looking for new channels to watch, then drop by and take a ganda :D~ As...
  10. Bobby and Emily

    This Girl....

  11. matharris99


    This is me reacting to old videos from about 5/6 years ago now! If you watch and like what you see give it a thumbs up, subscribe and i'll make it almost like a series where I react to my old videos! If you want other content as well just let me know in the comments! Thank You!
  12. Mr Danny

    100 Layers of Human

    Don't you love being complicated and having layers? Yeah me neither life is hard. But it's what we got so we might as well understand it. And where can you reach an understandment of the human psyche? A stupid YouTube video based on a dumb tag! Obviously! ...onions...
  13. ShadOG

    Sad Day for Bebielers - ShadOG News

    Bieber has had enough of you Instagrams Trolls! RIP to his Instagram because it is now gone!
  14. DuncanT

    EATING A RAW EGG | Ultimate Higher or Lower challenge!

    I've been wanting to do the Higher or Lower game for a while but I thought, let's spice it up a bit so it fits in my channel! In this video I'm doing a challenge everytime I get an answer wrong, but if I get 3 right in a row I don't have to do it! (A better explanation is in the video haha) I...
  15. Kieran Hedley Fitness

    Building Greatness

  16. Mr Danny

    I'm Sick

    SSSSSSSIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIICCCCCCCCCCCCKKKKKKKKKKKKKK! It's fine if I'm desilusional for once because I'm sick. What's your excuse you crazy person? Sorry, didn't mean to be rude to you. It's the sickness talking, not me. (well maybe a little bit of me). Hi.
  17. SeanFace101

    Walking With Dinosaurs (SECC Glasgow)

    Part of the "Walking With Dinosaurs" show in the SECC, Glasgow, Scotland, UK. With some photos added to the end of the video.
  18. Mick

    How to win a Facebook Argument

    Hey Guys! Check out my video on how to win a facebook argument! I hope you enjoy ^_^
  19. Mr Danny

    Cute Animals!

    *infomercial voice* DO YOU LIKE CUTE ANIMALS? If you do, watch this video, there's cute animals in it! If you don't, go to therapy. :)
  20. ItsMythix

    Gaming ps4/ PC Collab Passionate gamers/ YouTubers ONLY

    so as you can see i really want to do a collaboration with fellow gamers/ youtubers Games i have - PS4 GTA bO3 bf4 thats all i play PC waw gmod minecraft h1z1 dayz and am open to play different games SKYPE - ItsMythix Twitter - ItsMythix Check out my vids to see what im like earned 60 subs...
  21. ItsMythix

    The Most Embarrassing Thing In My Life???

    SO HERE WE HAVE SOME OF THE BEST QUESTIONS FOR ME xD This Was My Most recent video Lets go for 150 subscribers by the end of the 7 weeks holiday. Please Like, Subscribe and Comment! ALSO: Give me some pros and cons on my videos it really helps and send me some video ideas via the comments...
  22. SharSjar

    SharSjar's Entertainment Channel

    Since my channel is more based on entertainment than just gaming, I'll make a post here. Today I'm going to try to put up the next drinking game video. Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets.Check out my newest game play! Tomorrow I hope to have my newest drinking game! Owwwh, my first...