Other Russian YouTuber with 100 subs looking for a collab!


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I'm really sorry for my clickbait title... hahaha!

My name's Hunhura and I'm looking for a collab :D

I am still pretty much a newbie. I've got slightly over 100 subs if it matters to you. I don't have a definite genre or limits for my content. I love everything that's fun to do (I guess this genre's called entertainment) so I'm open to whatever you can think of!

I'm somewhat skilled at editing. Also I pay too much attention to all these design things & I can't stand tasteless thumbnails and banners. Okay I'm not a design pro but that's who I am lol

I am from Belarus and I speak Russian. IDK maybe it'll give somebody any ideas hahaha

Okay, I thought it'd be strange if I wrote & posted a complete video script here lol. Simply because I don't know who are you yet!

(Please corrert me if I'm doing this wrong!)

So if you think we can do something together than lemme know :D

Message me on Skype (live:hunhura) or / and on Twitter (@.hunhura) or / and wherever you like (@.hunhura) and let's see what we can create!