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I am trying to create a collectible card games that's new and exciting.
I am looking for information such as permissions needed, if any.
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Basic easy to learn battle system
Booster Packs, Starter Kits, Box Sets, etc
Can you imagine opening a booster pack and getting your favorite Holographic YouTuber!
This system has never been done before, why?
Maybe because one has to have the rights to use the Youtubers Character/images
It would definitely promote their channels and give them more exposure to the public
I don't see why Any YouTuber would go against it.

Here are the basic rules:

YouTubers Attack! CCG/TCG possibly an App.
Looking for a YouTuber to help make this happen.
To help get permissions and find other YouTubers interested.
Also looking for a better Photoshop Editor to help make it look better

- You must gather enough "Subs" cards to summon a YouTuber indicated at the top right on the card, (Subs Cards range from 25K - 50M)
- Attack/Defense is on the bottom right (Higher the number the stronger)
- You must use enough Subs/Views Cards to use the YouTubers Abilities
- Some Abilities have certain effects such as -Hustle-Soar-Curse-Fatigue etc
- 5 Different Categories for YouTubers shown on the left side of the card - Gaming, Entertainment, Vlogs, News, Music
- More rules and YouTubers being added as I continue to make this happen