1. G

    Building A News Oriented Channel /Partner Needed

    I am seeking a like minded individual(s) who is interested in forging a Youtube Channel together. It would be World / News Oriented. Inspired by channels such as Warthog Defense/Kanal13 and others. I am a Davinci Resolve Editor and can cut, clip & art no problem, just need a friend to build this...
  2. G

    Building A News Oriented Channel / Partner Needed

    I am seeking a like minded individual(s) who is interested in forging a Youtube Channel together. It would be World / News Oriented. Inspired by channels such as Warthog Defense/Kanal13 and others. I am a Davinci Resolve Editor and can cut, clip & art no problem, just need a friend to build this...
  3. T

    Other Looking for video creator!

    Hello, we're looking for a video creator that likes news and politics, we are starting a new channel all about this and are looking for a host(s). Unfortunately, no pay atm but when we start getting paid you will, this channel will be like a better and less controversial Infowars that you host...
  4. Matthew Lissoway

    Other Looking for a female actress

    Hello, i need a female with a green screen to play the role of a news broadcaster for a crime scene i have planned out. This female should be in her 20s and have some clothes that look professional. This is for a serious role.
  5. Nerfworthy

    Ninja's special annoucement~

    here's the link to the special annoucement he made yesterday. Share in the comments what you think about it, I personally thing as he said "It's gonna be litty"
  6. AriMullen

    Other Sonder: A Global Collaboration

    Hey, y'all! My name is Ari, and I have a proposition for you. Four years ago, I created an online ”magazine” through a writing website called Quotev. Journalists fluctuate, and we hardly reached two hundred readers before it ended in 2017. Yet the experience has led me to crave that kind of...
  7. Nerfworthy


    Have you guys seen it, yet? I would ask of you to leave a like/dislike and a comment with constructive criticism, if possible : ) This way you won't only tell me why you liked/disliked it but by doing so, i'll improve myself to become better.
  8. J7409

    Other Wanted Weather and all Strange Sky sighting Calabers

    Hi, I am looking for people that would like to calab about weather and all strange sky sightings. If you are interested , jot me a note at I have a little over 18,000 subs. Look forward to hearing from some of you, if you are interested in growing your channel...
  9. antonblack

    2017 Review of the Main Events of The Year: It Has Been Quite A Year!

    2017 has been quite a year. From terror attacks to mass protests, these are the biggest news stories, the main events around the World that shaped the year for us all. As the New Year approaches, it seems like every year is dubbed “a year like no other.” But 2017 truly was more dramatic than...
  10. Alan Spicer YT Tips

    Russia To Ban Facebook!?

    Facebook banned in Russia? Russia will soon ban Facebook for rusian users if Facebook does not open or move its servers to Russia. Russian laws demand that all Russian users data must be stored in Russia. Russian Facebook Ban, Facebook ban Russia, Russia block facebook. Facebook could be...
  11. Jaysterbaby

    Need help with YouTube card game

    I am trying to create a collectible card games that's new and exciting. I am looking for information such as permissions needed, if any. Follow us on Twitter @YouTubersAttack to get latest updated and news Basic easy to learn battle system Booster Packs, Starter Kits, Box Sets, etc Can you...
  12. alexmanzano

    I just made my first episode on YouTube

    So my channel is about basketball and it consist of various bits about basketball (i.e. news, basketball reenactments, history, silly raps, game highlights, etc.). Oh and it's called 3ball, and I'm the host! My goal with this channel is to be more entertaining than my competitors since most of...
  13. W

    Gaming Gaming News on new games

    I have 287 Subs and looking for someone with over 200 subs or a little under to collab with on mews about new games. I do a series every week on these and have many active subs and average at 100 views on this series
  14. M

    Youtubers with questionable backgrounds

    So I came across this relatively new youtube channel the other day featuring a gay couple, Shaun and Alex, and their lifestyle vlogs. I liked the vids and thought they seemed nice, so I googled them to find out more. That's when I came across this article: w w w (dot) news4jax (dot) com/ news/...
  15. GeekOvision

    A Good Gaming Review/News Channel Name

    I'm currently working on a gaming review/news channel with a friend of mine. I guess you can say that we would kind of do things like GameXplain if you want to compare it to that. I was wondering if anyone had a good name idea. I was thinking about something like DirectFeed, and my friend wants...
  16. Courtney Candice

    Jake paule might be getting sued

    Big YouTuber vlogger and Disney channel star Jake Paul might be getting sued because he's disrupting the streets in la! Some of you might not know who Jake Paul is he's the fastest growing channel right now on YouTube along with other members of team 10, all the members in the team 10 live...
  17. Sladee

    Do I have a Niche?

    So im making content surrounding my opinions around gaming starting this coming Monday with my newest video while other gaming channels have a specific purpose mine is more abstract. I just talk about my opinion surrounding games and their communities etc. Do I have a proper niche? Im worried...
  18. N

    Other NerdMake is expanding! Looking for guests and new members!

    Hey there Nerds! We've got a special announcement to make today. We've hit our goal for the year! We're also working to expand NerdMake! We'll be recruiting new members onto the NerdCrew for the next 2 months. We're expanding in a variety of positions, so you're more than welcome to apply...
  19. Kesler's Dad

    BBC to spend millions luring kids back from Netflix and YouTube

    Interesting upcoming push by the BBC. It wouldn't let me paste the URL so you'll have to Google the title to get to the Engadget article. Any thoughts on the impact this might have on kids channels on YouTube? I would think minimal to none since the market is so huge. In any case, more quality...
  20. ItsMeJasonP

    What has been happening?? ~ Gossip

    Hey Yall! I took a break from the forum for a while and now I'm back. What have I missed out on the forums? Tell me the gossip!
  21. ProfessionalRik

    Fresh Gaming News | Overwatch Info, Life Is Strange, & Companion Cubes in DotA 2

  22. Andros

    Voice Acting any one want to be in a youtube gaming/podcast

    im going to start a channel. play games and talk about games. have topics to go over like what we like or talk about something that is coming out, im looking to have 4 people including myself. contact me at or drop me a message here
  23. Fox Beat

    12 Years Ago The First Video Was Uploaded On Youtube

  24. Lucid Dreamer

    Gaming Searching for collaboration in channel roles (e.g. scripts, thumbnail art, editing, co-host)

    I have been working on my channel for some time now (DMG Gaming), but I have a major problem :/ I am so picky with the quality of my channel, it's difficult for me to play the role of script writer, gamer, researcher, art designer, editor, and running the social media accounts. My channel is...
  25. Sully-GC-Founder

    Gaming GameCast Is Looking For Content Creators

    GameCast is currently in the process of expanding its core team. The core team will be a part of a creative process in building a new Youtube based service. GameCast is a unique idea/vision that I've been working on conceptually and physically for 8 month's, I've been treating GameCast like a...
  26. TechSpotJosh

    New to YouTube - Comedy News Satire

    The TechSpot Tasting Nintendo Switch Cartridges Challenge!? Hello everyone! I am new to YouTube and this community. I'm hoping to get some feedback on how I can better push my content out there. Any technical feedback / creative feedback is welcome as well. Thank you for taking the time to...
  27. ProfessionalRik

    Gaming News Show! Great Week!

    So I just had a great week working on my new gaming news show and I wanted to post it SOMEWHERE to brag about how proud I was to pull it off. Check 'em out and learn about what's actually happening in gaming culture!
  28. SnowAspire

    Gaming Skyrim/Fallout 4 Mod Review Partner(s)

    I am looking for an individual to help review Skyrim and Fallout 4 Mods. I currently review them by myself, but I feel that if there was more of a discussion about the mods in review between 2 or more people, the videos could be even more entertaining. Right now, I am doing Mod reviews once a...
  29. ProfessionalRik

    Millions Raised, Switches Flipped, Sniper Kojima! --- Gaming News Show

    I'm trying out this new style of video, trying to do some news style reporting. Now, this is kind of janky, but I'm still pretty proud of how it turned out. Also, I'm proud of my reporting. What do you guys think? Of the news, video needs improvement, I know.
  30. Mitchell Bridgeman

    Reached 1000 views New Years 2016-2017

    Great news... We reached 1000 views on our content before New Year's Eve was over. Our end view count was 1124 views. Just thought it would be cool to share it with everyone as I am delighted with my own milestone. Some views (approx >100?) were from family watching my content. YouTube has...