Other Looking for video creator!

Hello, we're looking for a video creator that likes news and politics, we are starting a new channel all about this and are looking for a host(s). Unfortunately, no pay atm but when we start getting paid you will, this channel will be like a better and less controversial Infowars that you host! The content you will be making will be current news and you could also add your own stories within reason. You won't have to edit anything we will do this and we will handle any admin we just want a host.

Message us if you're interested.
I would be interested, but I don't know how you're expecting to get anywhere near Infowar's sort of numbers, Alex Jones was one of the first really big youtubers on the site. Also, what do you mean by 'less controversial'? What is the Chappell Group's stake in politics? Who are they securing funding from?

In the age of Twitter et al, everything is bloody controversial.