1. Dave2017

    All Politicians Lie

    - Is this why most people are fed up with politics? Tell me what you think ??
  2. AverageBrino


  3. AverageBrino


  4. T

    Other Looking for video creator!

    Hello, we're looking for a video creator that likes news and politics, we are starting a new channel all about this and are looking for a host(s). Unfortunately, no pay atm but when we start getting paid you will, this channel will be like a better and less controversial Infowars that you host...
  5. Willow

    Voice Acting Need someone for voice overs on my history/politics channel

    I'm looking for someone with a good mic and a clear voice for voice overs. I need someone to just read the scripts I write and send me the raw clip. I'll do all the editing, just have a decent mic to record with. I prefer someone who doesn't speak too fast. Pitch and tone of voice doesn't...
  6. Slumpy5

    Commentary Discourse: A debate/conversation based Talk Show

    So I've noticed a huge problem online, and that is that a lot of people aren't willing to have a civilized debate/conversation with someone that has a different opinion than them. Similarly to what Jubilee does, I want to start a series that is a non-formal debate/conversation between...
  7. Dave2017

    Do you feel the same about politics?

    Watch the video and tell me what you think
  8. Curiosity Ridge

    First 20 subs on Science channel!

    I managed to get my first 20 subscribers on my channel VideoDoseDaily! I am so thrilled that people are taking an interest in my Science and technology vids! Heres to humble beginnings, let's try for 25 now!
  9. Dave2017

    Politics is getting worse

    Yes I know the video is some months old but it´s getting worse!!!
  10. C

    Commentary Anyone interested in politics?

    im from the uk and have a political channel. Looking to debate either brexit trump or anything your interested in a live stream.
  11. N

    YouTube Censored My Video Criticizing Russian Government

    That was a video where I read a joke poem in Russian of my own writing, called "Русский Мальчик" (Russian Boy). The protagonist boy got involved in various child abuse homosexual misadventures (I.e. "Russian boy enlisted to the army, he served as a rape boy in there"), due to Russian government...
  12. Q

    Commentary Political/Sceptic channel looking for someone to collab with

    Hey, I am a political/sceptic channel. I would like to find someone to collab with. The reason for that is: If you are talking about politics, the best you can do is to listen to other people's opinions too
  13. Alan Spicer YT Tips

    Russia To Ban Facebook!?

    Facebook banned in Russia? Russia will soon ban Facebook for rusian users if Facebook does not open or move its servers to Russia. Russian laws demand that all Russian users data must be stored in Russia. Russian Facebook Ban, Facebook ban Russia, Russia block facebook. Facebook could be...
  14. Pierre Maynard

    Vote For Aklas! (Party Broadcast Parody)

    WARNING: This is not an actual Vote, this is just used for comedy and a bit of fun. Aklas returns and this time, he may or may not have a chance to become next the Prime minister of Great Britain. With your help of course let's make this world a better place! Vote for Aklas you will not regret...
  15. T

    Commentary Political commentary and analysis

    Hi to anyone that reads this, I found this site purely by accident. I present my own YouTube analysis show, now with 200 subs and still in its infancy. Politics can, I guess be boring sometimes. But I present it in an honest way. Things do need to change for the next generation. The channel gets...
  16. Mr Danny


    Protests are a thing that people do and here's a thing I did about people doing protests it's dumb it's funny it's politically poignant and it's perfect for youuuuuu
  17. Pat Simmons

    I need an idea for a Live-Streaming Politics series

    All I got is: "Would you like some cheese with that..." Anyway, I'm looking for something witty, pithy, or etc Basically it'd be structured like a radio talk show. If ya'll have any ideas, post below please.
  18. Spaceshipcontrol

    Can a YT channel interfere with future plans?

    Hello, I have this question on my mind: Let's suppose I wanted to become involved in politics, becoming a politician or political thinker, or start a company, could my YT channel interfere with how seriously people will take me? Now, my channel is really small, but someone might just stumble...
  19. T

    Commentary Possible Podcast or other variations. Movies, Politics, Philosophy.

    I like a lot of things and would like another person, if not, It would be a boring podcast. I am a natural skeptic, I like to call out BS. I like abstract Ideas when it comes to Politics and philosophy. Love movies, All kinds. Action, comedy, ,martial arts, tv. Even video games. I like to laugh...
  20. wufu

    The Sad Secret Truth about buying Rifles Online My Experience

    I hope you all enjoy the video I made about this. Let me know what you think about this topic.
  21. Anjim

    Does Donald Trump Care About Black People

    I also got a news channel as well
  22. javacentral

    Who knew coffee, mexico, and politics would go hand in hand....in hand?

    Yeah so apparently the history of mexican coffee is really neat. It involves a revolution or two, the spaniards of course, and some political headaches! Here just come check it out and see what ya think.
  23. Jaymin

    Other Politically Aware Russian Needed - Info Inside

  24. javacentral

    Political break down on each candidates stance on coffee

    Not my best video I've done by any means but been trying to keep my ideas unique and expanding. Let me know what ya think!
  25. the self made nerd

    tricks politicians use

    Every wonder why all politicians seem to lie, deceit, and can speak for hours without saying anything? well find out by watching
  26. Average Bars

    Modern Day Geography Quiz!

    A geography quiz based on current events. Designed to make people aware of the ignorance of geography many people have, and perhaps the viewer as well. Kind of a sarcastic video, but that's really my style. I may make another video adding on to this because I'm skeptical whether or not I made...
  27. Rae Talks

    Advice for Political Channels or Channels with more Serious Subjects?

    Hey everyone, I've been making videos for a little over a year now and although my channel is doing alright, I was hoping to get advice on increasing channel growth. I feel that my quality is at a pretty high level compared to where I started, and my views are usually higher than my subscriber...
  28. Shamik (iWanDatCake)

    Women Shouldn't be President?!

    This was more of a rant tbh.