Commentary Possible Podcast or other variations. Movies, Politics, Philosophy.


I like a lot of things and would like another person, if not, It would be a boring podcast. I am a natural skeptic, I like to call out BS. I like abstract Ideas when it comes to Politics and philosophy. Love movies, All kinds. Action, comedy, ,martial arts, tv. Even video games. I like to laugh and humor would be prevalent. Their is no bounds to what we could possibly talk about, keep that in mind, please. That is all.
Hey man! I'm also into politics and philosophy and am trying to find collab partners for a podcast style channel (recorded videos and also live streams). Some of my views will probably be considered controversial but if yours are not similar to mine, then contrast is good, right?
I have a very dry sense of humour and try to add a little bit of it to everything I do.
If you're interested, reply here and I'll give you my skype.
Sorry the email notification got marked under spam yes I am interested and I too have very abstract opinions. Reply back as you have said, thank you.