1. A

    Other Watch Now : Jurassic World fallen kingdom

    Hello Everyone !!! Here's the first resolution of the movie Jurassic World, directly at platform Warner Bros. Thank you again, and have an excellent movie alls. Three years after the destruction of the Jurassic World theme park, Owen Grady and Claire Dearing return to the island of Isla...
  2. P

    Other Seeking collaborators / co-hosts on a Pop Culture Roundtable Show

    Seeking a creative outlet? Interested in connecting with other cool and pleasant people who really knew their stuff. Passionate about a specific fandom? I'm looking to start a weekly pop culture round table YouTube show with a diverse, fun, well communicating, pleasant, reliable and...
  3. GrumpyMeatloaf

    Other Looking for Collaborators!

    Hey you guys! On my channel I create plenty of trivia styled videos revolving around music, movies, and video games. If any of you would like to collab at all and use one of my videos / make one for you to try out on your own channel, feel free to let me know! Here's an example of one of my...
  4. R

    Music video help

    I'm planning to upload my music videos in my YT channel but I'm worried about copyright strikes. My music videos contains clips from copyrighted movies, TV shows, and video games set to copyrighted music. Need help. Any suggestions?
  5. R

    Looking For Movie/TV Show Reviewers!

    Hey everyone! I am looking for Movie/TV Show Reviewers to help out on a new website I have created - If you enjoy writing reviews as a hobby, then this is definitely for you! Although you won't be paid (this isn't a business, it's just a hobby for myself too - advertising on...
  6. Worth it dudes

    How long did it take you to get to 1k subscribers?

    HI all, started our games & movie review in June 2017 and i feel that movement is slow with subscribers :( how long did it take you guys to reach 1k subs ? also any advice for a new channel would be massively appreciated :)
  7. Courtney Candice

    Common mistakes in horror movies

  8. Courtney Candice

    Top 10 Halloween movies

  9. Courtney Candice

    Top 10 Halloween movies

  10. S

    How a channel can get 1 million subscribers?

    I am a film maker. I want to make some good short films and release them in my youtube channel. I have released two films. Many people appreciated these films, but I couldn't reach yet a broad range of audience as number of subscribers in my channel is not much. I want to make some interesting...
  11. Courtney Candice

    Halloween movies

  12. Rolz

    Anime to watch?

    Whats going on guys :) I released my latest video yesterday - it covers some awesome anime shows as well as movies! Be sure to check it out if you're looking for something new to watch!
  13. The Unwanted Letter

    Character dialogue with a mask?

    So i have a character in my film that...well doesn't wear a mask but duct tape, and i want him to speak dialogue, i thought at first it would be weird and unnatural yet Spiderman, Deadpool, and all these characters wear mask and talk through them and it seems so natural i mean yes granted...
  14. Miss Meowlina

    Copyright flagging trailer review help ?

    I wanted to seek some advice for my boy who was recently flagged as a starting youtuber... He did a monetized thoughts/reactions video of the Deadpool 2 trailer and was flagged by Fox for violated copyright... But we were both under the impression that trailers and clips could be used if they...
  15. TNTyphlosion

    Commentary CLOSED - Looking for Writers and/or Narrators

    I have a video game, movie review and commentary channel, and am looking for a few people who might be interested in helping write and/or voice over some scripts. I have needed to get a job outside of youtube and have very little time to work on videos now. The channel mainly focuses on video...
  16. TwoTakes

    Review of Breaking Wind Part 1- a Twilight parody about farting vampires...

  17. Courtney Candice

    Embarrassing fandoms

    Hey guys! I use to belong to some pretty embarrassing fandoms when I was younger.
  18. AM2PM

    Does a Parody have to be different?

    I know a parody is allowed under copyright law, but what makes a parody? If you made a parody of a TV show, but used different characters, but the same script would that work? Imagine Lost, but with the cast of Gilligan's Island? The Professor as Jack? But he uses the same dialog? Same sets...
  19. Monica C.

    Brand New Entertainment Channel Seeking Advice (And possible collabs )

    Hi, My name is Monica and I've just started my youtube channel back in November. I would really appreciate any feedback and advice on my videos: My content has mostly to do with reviews of various topics and I'm hoping to grow an audience...
  20. S.A.D

    Rogue One A Star Wars Story. Is it good?...or should to just skip?

    it's late coming, but after technical issues our Review for the prequel to the originals, but sequel to the prequels is ready and waiting! Enjoy and relax to me talking haha.
  21. S.A.D

    Fantasitc Beasts and where to find them Movie review!

    Wanna get back to the Wizarding World? The Movie Review for Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them is right here. be sure to tell me what ya think thanks guys.
  22. Becca Clansey


    The munchers, the emotional rollercoasters, the SPOILERS! I'm sure we can all relate a little bit ;) road to 300 subscribers is making me so excited I thought i'd upload an EXTRA video this week :D Hope you enjoy!
  23. S.A.D

    Doctor Strange Movie Review

    Daniel and Sean here bringing you our review for Doctor Strange. Hope you like this video and we want to bring you more. thanks
  24. S.A.D

    Jack Reacher Never go back Review

    Jack Reacher played by tom cruise is back seeking justice wherever it needs seeking. Is this movie worth your hard earned cash, is this another solid tom cruise performance. or is it a pile a steamy crap. let's find out!
  25. T

    Commentary Possible Podcast or other variations. Movies, Politics, Philosophy.

    I like a lot of things and would like another person, if not, It would be a boring podcast. I am a natural skeptic, I like to call out BS. I like abstract Ideas when it comes to Politics and philosophy. Love movies, All kinds. Action, comedy, ,martial arts, tv. Even video games. I like to laugh...
  26. S.A.D

    Deepwater Horizon Movie Review

    name says it all. hope you guy like this. feedback is always appreciated
  27. J

    First Upload on New channel - Feedback?

    Hey guys! I run a comedy vlog channel but recently started a podcast with a friend of mine where we review movies, TV shows, and talk all kinds of media and entertainment. It's very informal and is mean't to just be a casual show, almost as if you were talking to a friend about a movie. We...
  28. J

    Sully Movie Review!

    I started a new podcast based on reviewing movies, talking about TV shows, and other forms of entertainment. I chopped up some of the highlights of the discussion and made it into a YouTube Video. I would love to know what you guys think about it.
  29. c4alan92

    CrazyChimp, A Professional Entertainment, Tech Channel

    Hi, Here is my New channel, "CrazyChimp" it is a professional, tech, science, entertainment channel, we do our best to bring quality content to our subscribers.. Will be happe if you check it here
  30. Paul Woodley

    Other Looking to colloborate with someone on movies/tv channel

    Hey this is Trepacer aka Paul: I have a channel that reviews movies, trailer reactions, tv talk & movie talk. I would love to colloborate with someone on a movie review - trailer reaction, tv or movie talk. Feel free to respond and hopefully can work something out. My channel name is Trepacer if...