Does a Parody have to be different?


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I know a parody is allowed under copyright law, but what makes a parody?

If you made a parody of a TV show, but used different characters, but the same script would that work?

Imagine Lost, but with the cast of Gilligan's Island? The Professor as Jack? But he uses the same dialog?

Same sets, same words, funny characters?

Thanks for your help.
that wont be a pardoy, a parody is using somthing as a reference best way to look at a parody is a abridge series or a weird all parody where they take the look of a show or the sound of a peice of music but create something new from it
I suggest you check out the podcast "Video Creators" and listen to the newest episode called, "How to Beat a YouTube Copyright Claim Every Time [Ep #50]." In this episode he has Chad Wild Clay on. He is a big parody channel with about 130 videos, who has been copyright claimed 128 times and won 125 times (3 are still pending now). Those tips on how to avoid copyright as a parody channel I think will greatly help you.