Other Seeking collaborators / co-hosts on a Pop Culture Roundtable Show


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Seeking a creative outlet? Interested in connecting with other cool and pleasant people who really knew their stuff. Passionate about a specific fandom? I'm looking to start a weekly pop culture round table YouTube show with a diverse, fun, well communicating, pleasant, reliable and entertaining group of individuals, each a self described expert in a field relating to our show. Seeking adults. We’ll want to cover movies, music, comics, theatre, theme parks, streaming and more. News, reviews, point of views, discussion. No money involved at first as we’d be just starting out but a fair agreement for all involved would be established early on. Would want this to be a true collaboration. I am willing to share creative direction, show prep and production tasks. I would like this to be a source of positivity and entertainment.

I’m in my 40s and live in the Atlanta area. I have a background in performing, hosting and directing. I’ve also done some podcasting and live streaming although always looking to learn more - especially when it comes to the tech side of this. I have a demanding regular job(s) and this would be a fun hobby until if / when it becomes something more or isn’t.

If interested, send an email containing some info about yourself, your interests, a audio sample of you talking about something in pop culture which you are passionate about. Help me see how you’d mix into a group.

Feel free to write me with any questions. I can be reached via private message, email, Skype.