1. Sketchbook Stories Nova

    Storytime Animation Video Review Request

    Video: Attacked by a stingray (on a nudist beach with my parents ) Feat. Storyteller Adrian Davidson Hi. I just acquired/took over a channel but I’m effectively “starting over” because I’m changing the demographic and the types of stories. It used to be more fake, “actually happened”-style...
  2. fartoons

    I've Had a YouTube Channel Since 2005...

    Hi, I started a YouTube channel in 2005 (if my memory is correct). I have gone through a lot since then. Back in 2007 my channel was removed and I can't even remember why. So from 2007-2019 I had a little over a million views and around only 1,200 subscribers. Then I removed all of my videos...
  3. Wrath of Kahan

    Rocket League: Need for Boost Underground 64

    A comedy video I put together last year and finally published. Took a year off of the channel to gather content/footage and create a stockpile of videos so I can release them on a consistent schedule (Realistically took a year off to finish college and get a full time job). I would love any...
  4. mRio

    Constructive Criticism. Honest Feedback

    Hope you guys are doing well. My name is Mario and I make comedy skits/vlog type videos with a humanoid robot character that I made. Nowadays, it seems really difficult to try to get views with skits. I am heard everything from make good thumbnails, niche, be different, etc etc. However, I feel...
  5. Marc Quaglia

    Gaming Wanting to start a fun Group of Gamers to Grow our Channels

    Hello! My name is Marc (aka Quags) My YT Channel is Quags Games and i have at the time of this posting 386 subs. Im 23 yrs old and looking for someone older than 19 - 20 as i feel we can form a better connection and itll show in videos. Im a PC player and found its more fun to make videos with...
  6. D

    Gaming Looking for FORTNITE colaboration - easy

    Check out my channel. The next video we are working on is for Spiderman Homecoming. We have one clip where they are gaming on a laptop. I need a fun fortnite clip. Maybe with a good kill and then a victory dance. It needs to be about 5 seconds long. I will give a shoutout to join your channel at...
  7. Mark Stise

    What do you think Funny or not?

    Tell me what you think, good video, funny video or did I miss the mark and bomb? Please leave your comments below
  8. O

    Gaming Commentary Collaboration

    Yo dood I want to make a fancy mcsnazzy collaboration series on YouTube. Can chat over it on Skype or discord or whatever u choose I don't mind. Hit me up on here and let me know if u wanna be on this show. We will cover many topics and always discuss what it will be about before we begin. I'm...
  9. Melee Vida

    Commentary Collab with me, 10 minutes Podcast, I have 6k subs.

    Hello, My names Melissa I am 19yrs old and I'm looking for someone who is interested in doing a collaboration. Something were we will brake down a story, subject or idea, fad or phenomenon, just about anything, and we will talk from all perspectives. I need someone who is interesting has...
  10. CollegeAndBacon

    The Lie Detecting Challenge

    Detecting lies comes naturally for some people, while others are much more naive and gullible. In this episode, we put our lie detecting skills to the test in a game of straight faces, quick wit, and completely fabricated stories!
  11. CollegeAndBacon

    The Strangest Things That Have Fallen From The Sky

    Imagine going outside, looking up, and seeing a cow falling out of the sky... or spiders.... or blood. Sometimes there are explanations for the strange things that fall from above, and other times it remains a mystery. Regardless, in this episode, Jayson and Eric bring you a short list of truly...
  12. Deevid

    Sketch Comedy COLAB

    hello skype = tnt_kid_ let me know if you want to colab
  13. LivingWithTheGuzmans


  14. LivingWithTheGuzmans


  15. AshtheMonster

    Comedy Anyone do LGBT humor channels?

    I have an transition channel where I joke around a lot and talk about my funny experiences as a trans person. Any other similar blogs that would want a collab?
  16. S.A.D

    Subscribe, then unsubsribe.

    This is a but of a frustration post really, but i also find it humorous too. Don't you just love it, when some body subs then unsubs. especially when your a small channel. Sometime you feel like putting a hit out on them trough the back market, maybe hope that John Wick will deal with it haha...
  17. RidleyFourTwo

    Noodle Simulator - Fun and rage-inducing

  18. N

    Moosing Around #3 | PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds

  19. Earl Cooper

    Chimp at Zoo Throws Poo in Grandma's Face! REACTION!

  20. SinLeviathan

    Does Your Female Hate Your Gaming Habbits Too??

  21. mbherdman


    Hi! My name is Matt Herdman and I was just wanting to know if there were any channels in the St. Louis area that would be interested in collaborating. I've had my channel for a year and a half now but have been making videos for the past 10. I'm currently at 330 subs with 31 videos and over...
  22. T

    Comedy Starting YTer looking for messed up ppl like myself to collab with

    What's up my least favorite animal! Recently I've started a new youtube channel with the main focus on comedy. I've been looking for ppl to do collaborations with and this seems like a good platform to raise my voice. I've just started a couple of weeks ago, so I barely have any subscribers. My...
  23. SinLeviathan

    10 Ways To Get Over That Break Up

  24. Michael Lunatic

    My Walking Dead Spoof | Please Review

    So me and my friends decided to film a "serious" Walking Dead fanmade production and it then turned into a Comedy Mockumentary. Which, really couldn't be helped due to the nature of my channel and the "actors" we have available. It was a lot of fun to film. So if you're a fan of the hit show and...
  25. Conncast

    Strategy Letsplays with a Righty flair!

    My channel contains letsplays in progress of not only Civilization five, red ww2 mod but also Victoria 2, I am always open to suggestions (and yes I know that my first vic2 video is far too loud) even though letsplays are a saturated market for many games my two angles are my sense of humor and...
  26. ohzana


    Please let me know what you guys think! <3
  27. anNiallation

    Every Irish Woman When They See A Baby!

  28. mbherdman


  29. Clarissa O. & Emily G.

    Short Film Short film and beauty communities collide

    Hello everyone! :) Our channel contains a lot of beauty and life related videos, but I don't think that should stop you from collabortating with us! (Yes, I realize I'm in the short film section :P). I've always had the idea of collaborating with someone who wants to bring a funny side to the...
  30. Meloxy

    PewDiePie Deleted Video

    New video is up. Check it out: