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What game would you like to see more of from Conncast?

  • Victoria 2 (no mods)

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  • Civilization 5 (other mods or unmodded)

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  • Victoria 2 (with Mods)

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  • Civilization 5 (with RED WW2 Mod)

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My channel contains letsplays in progress of not only Civilization five, red ww2 mod but also Victoria 2, I am always open to suggestions (and yes I know that my first vic2 video is far too loud)

even though letsplays are a saturated market for many games my two angles are my sense of humor and political opinions, as well as playing lesser known games or games that are not common letsplays, I use the gaming more of a front porch for my commentary to keep the uploads frequent and to attract like minded youtube watchers.

If you have any in jokes you would like to see shoehorned in or any suggestions let me know, and I'll try to make it happen for you. attached is my most recent video (ULed yesterday) also I am all in for collabs with folks of similar interests