1. TheDoctor

    Gaming Doc plays some Stuff

    Featuring some stuff on my Youtube channel. If you wanna play games feel free to massage me
  2. Lightingbane(martiz)

    Gaming Looking For PC gaming collabs with other small/new creators.

    Hello! Im looking to do Collabs with other small and new youtubers, hopefully if we get along well and mesh together we can form a lasting Friendship :) Requirements: Subs, None Age, 18+(Personally im 23) Games: League of Legends, Overwatch, Valhiem, CIV6, Stellaris, Rainbow 6, Smash Brothers...
  3. ASMRher

    Does every creator uses cards?

    The little "i" that shows up on the upper right corner? Does everyone uses cards in their vids? I've been watching youtube for so many years, I've only clicked on it twice. So I have not add it to my videos, I find them time consuming to add. What about you guys? Do you use add cards to your...
  4. W

    What are some good tips and strategies for a new vlogger?

    I just started my vlogging channel and would like some help on how to create a brand around it. How to create story within the Vlog? How to make engaging content that viewers want to watch and how to engage with the viewers? Any and all tips and strategies to help me reach an audience and help...
  5. Diversified Unison

    what is the best way?

    For our channel we post weekly live covers and once a month our larger projects. When we post our big projects we see a big increase on the views. Even without doing any kind of promotion. But when we post live covers we are struggling with views and also results from promotions are not...
  6. BoiledWaffle

    How to make a music channel more personal?

    By music channel I mean channels like Trap Nation, Chilled Cow, etc. Channels that host other people's music (with permission/license of course) You've likely heard of these channels. When I watch them, they just feel soulless. They could make a bot to automatically search soundcloud for...
  7. HC.SameerPatil

    How Do I Tell A Good Story?

    Hi All, I am a vlogger and I have figured out that the best way to provide value is to tell a good story. Story telling is one of my weaknesses so I have been going all in on getting better at it. My youtube inspirations such as Casey Neistat share their stories in their videos so well and its...
  8. Jared Poirier

    My Own Website?

    Hey guys, I had an idea but I'm not sure if it's crazy or not. I was thinking of putting up my own website and having my content on there, I could even have some ads on there maybe? I know some bigger channels have websites like this, but is it a good idea for smaller channels? I...
  9. Jed

    How to Get More from Reviewing Somebody Else's Channel

    Hi Guys So I've always been interested in the Reviews/Channel Feedback section of YTtalk. At first it was because I'd just started my YouTube channel and as a newbie it gave me a chance to hear from some more experienced users on what I was doing well and what I could be doing better which I...
  10. Landen

    How Do You Stay Motivated?

    The biggest struggle I'm finding right now is to continue staying motivated to make content. I think it can be easy for those of us with jobs and other things going on in life to become distracted from the passion to create videos. I find it especially harder because I'm impatient with how much...
  11. Landen

    Theory About Over-Professionalism?

    Hey all, I just recently thought about this. This is a weird thought but I'm creating videos that right off the bat have a ton of editing (music, sound effects, popups, animations, etc). Because my channel is so new, I don't really have a lot of views. I realize things can only improve over...
  12. Dayn Brian

    Suggestion on how to gain Subs and Views

    Well I have stuck around 80+ subs for quite a while now. Can anyone give me tips or suggestion on what I should improve and what I can do to rake in the subs and views. All are greatly appreciated!!!
  13. H

    Games First look video Strategy

    Hi, This is HoobaGames, I own a channel showing games first look videos. I wonder if any of you have any strategy to this type of videos? I found myself that most of my gameplay video last about 20-30 mins, shortest is probably still over 10mins. I see some other strategy posts that startup...
  14. JoycelynsLife

    How Do You Grow Your Channel?

    What are you doing to grow your channel? Do you use other social media? Do you do something else? Do you subscribe to random users in hopes they'll subscribe back? Do you leave comments on popular videos and ask people to check out your channel? What do you do to grow an organic audience? What...
  15. ToyBrats

    Mastering the Black Box

    It seems to people not not privy to the inner workings of the YouTube algorythm that it appears as a big Black Box. Does anyone here observe that a black box input of x always outputs y? In other words any observations of things that definitely work to gain more exposure, views, subs, etc...
  16. AMX Gaming

    Amazing Comeback | 60 Seconds Game #2

    Alrighty guys we are back with some more 60 seconds this time the challenge to survive is a lot tougher than before. we have to make tough decisions that may or may not get someone killed. watch the struggle as we desperately do our best to survive but.....will we make it, or will we die. find...
  17. Conncast

    The Rise of Dynamic Hip Hop Fascism! Civ5 RED WW2

    In this installment of conncast plays we explore the ins and outs of Bynamic Bib Bop Bascism under Benito Bussolini! tune in and watch conncast plays with both civ5 and victoria 2
  18. Miss Medi

    Town of Salem (Vampire Hunter Game) | STAMPING OUT VAMPS! (Ranked Practice) w/ Miss Medi

    New #TownofSalem is up! This is the most unusual game I've ever played! :o Would really love if you can check it out and see what you think! #YoureAllVamps
  19. Conncast

    Grand Strategy Letsplay TIPS NEEDED

    I am also LPing victoria 2, a game that is not often covered on youtube, this time as south africa, but I am looking into what I could do next. Also if anybody has any in jokes or what have you let me know ;) please leave any pointers that you may have for my gameplay or commentary
  20. Conncast

    Strategy Letsplays with a Righty flair!

    My channel contains letsplays in progress of not only Civilization five, red ww2 mod but also Victoria 2, I am always open to suggestions (and yes I know that my first vic2 video is far too loud) even though letsplays are a saturated market for many games my two angles are my sense of humor and...
  21. WebYourMind

    Existing Channel and content in 2 languages

    Hello everybody. I am glad to be part of this amazing community. I am evaluating my channel strategy for 2017, and I was trying to decide about what's the best way to continue producing content for my tech channel. Currently, myself and my business partner are posting content in 2 languages...
  22. ggdeeofficial

    How to re-promote your old videos?

    Just checked my analytics and some old videos I made are not getting anymore views? What is the best way to re-promote it? ideas I have are changing tags, titles and resharing on social. any other ideas?
  23. Keyser Reveal

    200 subs and 20k views in 2 weeks -My Strategy

    Hello guys, I just joined the site today and have already met some cool youtubers and received some helpful I'd like to reciprocate the help. In 2 weeks I have been able to achieve 200 subs and over 20k views. I know that this isn't groundbreaking or anything but I thought I'd share...
  24. AliKat

    Using Instagram for Promoting Videos and Getting Subs?

    Hey guys! I've been looking into doing some better promoting to grow as a channel, seeing as my growth so far has been fairly slow (then again I'm not sure what's considered slow at this point hahaha). I've been posting gaming videos for a little bit more than a week and I've nearly hit 30 subs...
  25. Danny G

    Tips on How to Show Your Personality on Video!?

    Hi everyone. I started a youtube channel recently and I am having trouble just being myself and showing my personality on camera. I thought that Youtube would come naturally to me because I would say I'm pretty charismatic in real life, but as soon as the camera turns on and I try to film myself...
  26. Rafij Rahman Rohan

    Post Your Best Strategy!!

    Hello best friends, As you see on the title just post your best strategy for anything related to YouTube (EX:gain subs,get more views etc).So if each of us post our best strategy for YouTube we can easily find all the best strategy for YouTube in one post.That's really hep us to grow.Let's grow...
  27. ItsMeThomas

    Gaming Record 'funny moments' together

    Hi Guys, My name is Thomas and I'm quite new on YouTube. Most of the time I play Rocket League, but I also like to solo play Cities: Skylines and different kind of tycoon/strategy/simulation games. At the same time, I would like to do some more collaborations with other people who are on the...
  28. MultiDragon129

    ︻╦デ╤━ Starcraft II: #3 TURRET CITY ━╤デ╦︻

    TURRET CITY ! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Starcraft II is back for an EPISODE 3! more chaos with my undying unit....I still have yet to figure out why that unit...
  29. SethSpeight

    VEDA - Strategy?

    Hey Everyone, This is a question rather than 'advice' because I'm so new, I don't have any advice. I recently started VEDA, Vlog Everyday in August. I wanted to see if anyone on the YTtalk forum has noticed that participating in VEDA has helped or hurt their channel growth? My theory is that...
  30. MisterJDiggidy

    What Strategies Make You Want To Subscribe To A Channel?

    Obviously, you would want to subscribe because you like their content and what they do, but what strategies do you notice help? For example, a lot of people like to put outros on their videos telling people to subscribe and check out their other videos. Does this really help, or do most people...