1. SeanFace101

    What are ways to increase watch time?

    What are some ways to increase the watch time for my videos?
  2. Darthtux

    Valkyria Chronicles PS4 Remastered Walkthrough Part 7 | THIS IS A NIGHTMARE! /w Darthtux

    It took me 1-2 hours to beat this level..... I thought it was a tutorial mission but it turned out to be a extremely hard CHALLENGE mission!!! Enjoy my frustration :D Thanks as always!
  3. Spaceshipcontrol

    Getting exposure?

    Hello guys, a little bit of a backstory might help. So, actually, i uploaded my first videos around year ago, from beginning of April to July, but i deleted most of them because they sucked, only leaving one video that is actually funny. That is why i actually started out with a few subscribers...
  4. Hadrian

    300 Subcribers & 25,000 Views

    Hi YTTalk, I've been awful about staying connected to some of the YouTube communities that have shown me love and encouragement throughout this journey so far. Chalk it up to being a busy Ph.D. student in a happy relationship, but nevertheless, this little hobby of mine (and the people I've met...
  5. Mr Danny

    Amount of videos vs. Promotion

    Hello YTTalkers! So as soon as January ends, I'm gonna have a lot more time to spend on YouTube, and I was wondering what you guys thought would help grow my channel the most: uploading 2 videos a week (instead of only 1 like I 'try' to do now) or spend the time that it would take me to make...
  6. WolfWraith

    The Large Amount of Confusion - The Last Federation

    I don't normally play games like this, but when I do, I play like a noob.
  7. RobCoxxy

    XCOM 2: Community Squad Recruitment

    As Firaxis Games XCOM 2 is around the corner, I thought I would create something a little special for the community. Due to the awesome character customisation and the character pool in XCOM 2, I want my squad, my recruitable staff and my ADVENT VIPs in my gameplay series to be ALL OF YOU GUYS...
  8. GamingwithNick

    A Strat for You Gamers

    This may seem obvious to some, but to others it might be a new concept. Basically, pick a game that you are looking forward to playing (not released yet). Perferably one that won't be out for a couple months and isn't by a AAA publisher (EA, Activision etc). Make commentary videos on this...
  9. Hadrian

    Hadrian | Daily Episodes @ Noon & 6p EST | Strategy, Survival, Sci Fi

    Hi all! Hadrian here. My channel is near four months old, and has been running "professionally"—which is to say with daily content, social media support, monetization, and community outreach—for the past two. Have a look at my most recent channel intro: Feedback is welcome on that. On any of...
  10. Hadrian

    Crown of Charlemagne Series | Total War Attila | Episodes 21-23 [Hadrian]

    Hi all, This is my first post to the videos section, and therefore my first post for Crown of Charlemagne. This is a new Let's Play featuring Total War Attila's latest DLC, Age of Charlemagne. If you're not familiar with my channel, I play games with a sense of grand narrative. A lot of...
  11. Hadrian

    General Channel/Website Feedback

    Channel Link: Website Link: Hi all! I'll keep this brief. I am a relatively new YouTuber and I am constantly looking for feedback on my most recent series, my channel trailer, my channel art, and my brand new channel...
  12. Hadrian

    50 Subscriptions and Counting

    Feels strange to jump straight into YTTalk with a milestone announcement, but I just hit 50 subscribers in the past 24 hours. Now I'm up to 52 and pretty thrilled about it. Really excited to hit 100, hopefully soon, and lock down that custom URL. My favorite part about it is slowly getting to...
  13. iimjoeyy

    What Inspires You To make Youtube Video's?

    Hey YTtalk friends! I want to know what it is that inspires YOU to make your next hot video. Do you talk to others for ideas? Do you watch other Youtube video's for inspiration? Do you just write down a bunch of random ideas until you hit one you like? We all get hit with "Creators Block" which...
  14. M

    Utilising a Blu-screen with an IKEA Markus chair?! :)

    Hey guys, thank you so much for clicking on this thread. :) I want to utilise a setup with chroma-keying being a part of it all. I've got it all down - the background itself, lighting and so on - except for one crucial part that's a major deal-breaker if it's not dealt with. I've got an IKEA...
  15. ControlledPairs

    My Small Channel Has Grown 25% to 430 Subs in 24 Hours

    Hey guys! I wanted to share an interesting success story that I thought would be of benefit to some of the folks here at YTTalk. I made a video a few weeks ago about how to play a video game I love, "Rocket League." The Idea was to create a video that had great value to a new or intermediate...