My Small Channel Has Grown 25% to 430 Subs in 24 Hours


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Hey guys! I wanted to share an interesting success story that I thought would be of benefit to some of the folks here at YTTalk.

I made a video a few weeks ago about how to play a video game I love, "Rocket League." The Idea was to create a video that had great value to a new or intermediate person who plays the game. I broke down the basic strategies of the game into simple English using game-play footage, a script, and a remastered voice-over.

Before I released the video, though, I shared an infographic on Reddit in the RL (Rocket Leauge) subreddit, that basically explained the same thing as my video, but in a single image. I wanted to test the waters and see if there was an audience for the video.


The response to the image was awesome. It got over 1200 upvotes on reddit, 30,000 views and plenty of requests for a deeper explanation. My window to release the video was open.

I published the video, and associated it with the Reddit content in my narration. I shared it to reddit and made sure to indicate that I was the same guy who made the infographic. I also made sure my thumbnail had the reddit logo on it.

Well the video was popular on reddit as well. It got just under 10k views in 24 hours as well as brought my subscriber level up to 300 or so.

Within the community of this video game, the video I made gained traction. It's been a few weeks since it went live and just yesterday I saw my traffic spike. It had been stagnant for a few days, and suddenly I was getting 600 views/hour for a total of 20k views over a 24 hour period.


Rocket League developers had featured my video in the in-game launch window. (bottom right)


I didn't ask to be recognized, they didn't contact me or anything. They just did it. Over a million people have purchased this game, and this weekend, they'll see a link to my channel. It's been 24 hours and I'm nearing 500 subscribers (started at 326 yesterday).

I just wanted to share this vignette in hopes that it may help you develop some strategies to help your channel grow. That and I really wanted to tell someone about my awesome day. Ok sorry. Love you guys!
That is a great informative piece thank you for that and well done.
Great post and I think this is an excellent example of providing value before promoting. If you'd just gone to reddit and promoted your video, you'd have got a very different response. By providing huge value first, you get people's respect and you show that you are an authority. :)
That's really interesting. I guess that shows how powerful of a tool Reddit can be. I also like your voice it's very clean and informative. Reminds me of matt pat a bit.
Thanks so much for the feedback and support, guys. Just wanted to provide a quick update. Since my initial post, the developers of the game featured my video throughout the weekend and it's still there! I'm still averaging 600-800 views/hr and I'm currently sitting at 520 subscribers! It's been a wild ride.