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What are you doing to grow your channel? Do you use other social media? Do you do something else?

Do you subscribe to random users in hopes they'll subscribe back? Do you leave comments on popular videos and ask people to check out your channel?

What do you do to grow an organic audience? What do you do to have more people know about your channel/videos?

For those who have gained a good base of viewers, what did you do and what are you doing to increase your reach and engagement?

For those who are starting out, what are you doing?
I guess I fall under the group of those just starting out and this is what I am doing to grow my channel.
  • Using youtube seo to get my videos ranked
  • Active on forums like this
  • Share on social sites like Twitter,Reddit,Google +Facebook is not really working for me.
  • I also try to answer peoples questions on Q&A sites like Quora
  • On youtube I use cards, Playlist, and endcards
  • I try to engage with the few audience, I have
These are some of the few things I am using at the moment to grow my channel...Hope that answers your question
I find commenting on videos (in relation to the content and DEFINITELY NOT SUB4SUB!!!) and engaging in conversations on bigger YouTuber's comments sections (again NOT SUB4SUB) but more having genuine conversations about the YTer or the content helps growth.
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