Using Instagram for Promoting Videos and Getting Subs?


Hey guys!
I've been looking into doing some better promoting to grow as a channel, seeing as my growth so far has been fairly slow (then again I'm not sure what's considered slow at this point hahaha). I've been posting gaming videos for a little bit more than a week and I've nearly hit 30 subs, so I'm not sure what growth rate that's considered, but in saying that I've kind of plateaued for the past few days and while my videos have been getting views, I haven't been getting any subs from them, SO, I've started up an Instagram account and I've made a couple of posts but I'm not sure what kind of photos to upload or what hashtags to use that would get the most traffic and real followers that would genuinely be interested in my content. So far I have a whole bunch of those annoying accounts that are like "follow back to get unlimited money in Tuber Simulator" or "comment, like, and follow to get the chance to win a PSN card" and like, those aren't people who are interested in what I do or the content that I make.

Anyways, I digress, aside from a couple of selfies that I stuck up there just for the sake of having something on my Instagram, how would I effectively use it to gain real followers and possibly subscribers?
Well, Ali I was truly surprised to find a lets player trying to expose their channel on Instagram, I would maybe think a beauty and makeup channel at the very least maybe vloggers.

I don't use Instagram and I am not sure how it works but as far as I know it works a lot like Facebook. You need followers to see your posts and even if they add the hashtags you added the popular will get showed first thus leaving you at the bottom.

Unless you can get some magical way for random people on Instagram to be your friend/follower I don't think it will work

You would need something similar to 9Gag and Reddit where fame does not matter. When I am on Reddit I don't browse fame nor rising because then I don't get replies on my posts, so I browse new.

I would say give Reddit a go, just make sure you have karma and that you post it in the correct subreddit before you advertise your channel otherwise it will bring over haters to your channel.

As far as growth goes it is actually pretty dam good. I my self now and back then when I had a lets play channel took weeks to gain any subscribers. In the beginning growth might seem slow. Your first 100 subscribers would be the hardest. Then the next 100 will be easier then the previous 100.

Just keep posting and advertise on Reddit

In my opinion I don't think Instagram is where you want to be
As Sandman say it's rare to see gaming post on Instagram .I use Instagram and it's very effective for my channel I create video with motivational content so my Instagram page is all about quotes.
If you like to try Instagram you can post short videos (about 30 sec) and tag like : youtube, video, gaming etc.(see what kind of hashtag generate search) .Also you could try to find Instagram who have gaming content and follow their followers, this will help you get more followers and get notice, ussually there your find your target audience. Plus you can search for gaming hashtag and like everything it appears on the search . Good luck !
I use a wide range of platforms to promote my content Instagram and Reddit being my two favorites. I will say that in order for Instagram to work best you'll need to use a tool like instagress to gain followers that are looking for your type of content. Also once you've figured out Reddit it will help you gain traffic as well.

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@TheFreshBiz what kind of tool is that? I cannot find it on app store
No app for it, it's a website. It helps you crowd source people that are interested in your content and automates things for you. Ex: I upload tech content so I set it to follow the followers of tech YouTubers that have Instagram profiles (mkbhd,tld,etc.) and on top of that it engages the potential audience by liking their pics, following them and commenting. It even takes it a step further by continuing to like their pics after they've followed you. In turn I've noticed that many more people have taken notice to my posts and some (not all) have crossed over to YouTube.

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You'll get followers on Instagram, but not subs on Yt. People go to Instagram for Instagram content, not to find new Youtubers to follow. Same as people go to Yt to watch Yt videos, not find new Instagram accounts or Twitter accounts to follow. Best to concentrate 99.99% of your efforts on Yt.