1. M

    What are Instagram and Youtube accounts with videos that are poorly edited, but have a large following and high engagement rate

    Hi guys, Could you guys help me out with a suggestion and point out to me the Youtube and Instagram accounts with a large following, which have poorly edited videos?
  2. Sleepingbutterfly

    Marketing for YouTubers

    Marketing is a very big part of becoming a great YouTuber besides the quality of your videos. However, it ain’t very easy for a beginner turning into a social media giant. So, what are you best tips for Instagram, Twitter & co without being the annoying kid next door everyone hates?
  3. M


    GREETINGS FRIENDS! My company is looking for a few beauty or fashion influencers to help us as a company grow! We are a high end beauty salon that most recently started doing eyelash extensions; which has been a crowd favorite! I haven't made videos in so long and my boss is not very keen...
  4. Alan Spicer YT Tips

    Facebook Down? Instagram Down? - NOW WHAT?!! #RANT

    Is Facebook Down? Instagram Down? YouTube Down? Social media outage? - Are you panicking that your main platform is down and you can't talk to your audience. Maybe its never coming back, and if thats the case what does that mean to you? You NEED to grow on MULTIPLE social media platforms if you...
  5. Fitness Buffhq

    Instagram to promote youtube channel

    How I can use Instagram to promote my youtube channel link & the links of published youtube videos on Instagram? Is there any method besides posting a link in the bio.
  6. illya__v

    Outdoors Insta - hiking, camping, etc.

    Hello all, I have an outdoors oriented Instagram account and I would love to connect with similar accounts. Feel free to check it out and follow, I'll follow back. Thanks! @illya__v
  7. T

    Social Media - how do you use yours?

    I'm curious to see how those who have been relatively successful use their social media - like Twitter and Instagram. Are you strictly promotional? Do you use it like everyone else? Do you interact with other people with similar interest? Do you just follow the big guys and reply on their...

    YouTube to IGTV video conversion review/feedback request.

    I converted one of my old YouTube videos to an IGTV video as an experiment. This was tricky because my videos are all in 16:9 and I had to make them 9:16 to be compliant for the upload. Since IGTV is not as saturated as YouTube currently I am hoping to have a chance of connecting with a fresh...
  9. Alan Spicer YT Tips

    IGTV Monetization - How To Make Money On Instagram TV

  10. Alan Spicer YT Tips

    IGTV Tips For Beginners - What Is Instagram TV? - IG TV Explained

  11. Alan Spicer YT Tips

    How To Get More Views on Instagram TV (IGTV)

  12. Alan Spicer YT Tips

    How To Upload To IGTV from Desktop - Step by Step Tutorial for Instagram TV

  13. Alan Spicer YT Tips

    IGTV vs YouTube - What Is Instagram TV? - IGTV Reaction & My Thoughts

  14. CristyTango

    Instagram Mental Illness has pushed me to Instagram...

    I've been trying and trying to get myself motivated enough to come back to my YouTube channel, but there are just some issues that I'm having that are preventing me from having the ability or motivation to be able to- not to mention creating longer content. So I created an Instagram to post...
  15. musikking

    Instagram Follow Me On Instagram...awesome content including great music and occasional giveaways

    Please Check out my page and follow You can find my page at:
  16. TinasToyTime

    YouTube music from Audio Library on Instagram?

    I am creating an Instagram page to promote my YT channel. I plan on taking clips of my already made YT videos and posting on Instagram; all of these videos have music from the YT audio library. Is it acceptable that this music will be on Instagram? According to YT, it says (word for word)...
  17. Alan Spicer YT Tips

    How To Get Started On Instagram - Social Media For Beginners 2018 (7/9)

    How To Get Started On Instagram - Social Media For Beginners 2018 (7/9) // Instagram for Beginners as part of my Social Media For Beginners in 2018 Series. Instagram is a fairly new social media platform that revolves around pictures and hashtags. The art of Instagram is being able to take a...
  18. M

    How much focus do you put into social media?

    Hey YouTubers, So I’m wondering how important is social media as a youtuber? When I first started I was putting all my focus on my Instagram and Twitter and trying hard to post every day and sometimes it would take away from my focus when it came to actually creating my videos. Lately, I’ve...
  19. The Matt Diaries


    What is people's opinion on Instagram as a platform to share your YouTube content? I've experimented with posting the video thumbnail to Instagram or a short trailer but when you link the video in the description you can't click into it.
  20. leonardicsr

    Vlog Giving away a job to become famous on socials

    Hey guys, in few months I will start an incredible adventure. Something like FunforLouis did recently, but I will also be followed by CNN, BBC, Guardian, Fox etc etc. We will reach 2 millions people PER WEEK! We collaborate with GoPro Family members and 500k Instagram accounts. This is the job...
  21. Zerodecoole

    Using music on Instagram

    Hello, I have an Instagram profile where I make animated motion graphics and stuff, and I was wondering if there are rules about using music in your videos. I currently just work copyright free music from YouTube's audio library, SoundCloud and Newgrounds artists that gave me permission. But...
  22. Darren Taylor

    Instagram to promote a channel

    I have looked around on the forums, but I can't find any previous discussion around using Instagram to promote a YouTube channel. I have never used Instagram but someone suggested I should try it. Has anybody done this and had success in doing so? What growth did you see and what strategies did...
  23. J

    Looking for funny collaborators

    I have an instagram acct @aroused_koala that grew from 177 followers when i started my projects 2 1/2 weeks ago now to 3200. Looking to grow a comedy channel open to new ideas to mutually benefit everyone in the collab. Msg me if your either in the CT area or you want to work together between...
  24. Your Buddy Gas

    Advice needed for instagram

    Hey guys I've been having instagram for a few days and here is what I've done so far to try to make it bigger Liking other's pictures Promoting to my friends Hashtags (do not work, but still are handy) Following others
  25. O


    Hy mine name is Ozark or (Austin) I'm a gamer who has been playing games for 11 years and have been posting videos for 1 year now and now I'm looking for collaborators to hang out with and post valuable content I play on xbox one the most right now but I'm slowly moving over to pc if you would...
  26. Your Buddy Gas

    Which social media should I use to promote my video's

    Hey guys I heard reddit and Twitter are some good platforms to promote my channel. I'm planning on making an Instagram account for my YouTube channel. And also which groups or hashtags are good for promoting my channel? Edit: I've already shared my channel to friends on Facebook, so that...
  27. Ian Katz

    fun new family friendly Channel

    HI everyone, I have created a family friendly channel posting vids of me and my family doing various activities, having fun, going to do experiments and a whole host of other things under the name Katz Fam. Please subscribe to my youtube channel...
  28. Quick Question

    Using Instagram for Promotion?

    Do you use Instagram for promotion and outreach for your channel? Why or why not? What are some ways you use Instagram. I've been watching Gary Vaynerchuk and have decided to do his DM method but on my own profile I am having trouble with it. Should I post screenshots or videos (IF I POST...
  29. JCTV Family Vlog

    New Instagram Update (Live with Friends/Fans)

    Some great news coming from Instagram on their new update. You can now go live with fans/friends. What does this mean and how can you take advantage of it? First, this allows you to go live on IG and add a second individual to your live feed. This will allow you to interview other creators...
  30. alilouk

    Gaming Looking For Gamers For A New Brand!

    Hello guys! My name is Alilouk. I am the CEO and founder of TGW (The gaming warehouse) . TGW is a worldwide gaming team which serves as a safe haven for many gamers and content creators who aspire to become better at what they do. TGW has started off as a Faction on a Minecraft server but is...