How much focus do you put into social media?

Merlina Rodas

I've Got It
Hey YouTubers,

So I’m wondering how important is social media as a youtuber? When I first started I was putting all my focus on my Instagram and Twitter and trying hard to post every day and sometimes it would take away from my focus when it came to actually creating my videos. Lately, I’ve been posting on IG maybe once a week and focusing a lot more on writing my scripts, editing my videos, etc. But I feel like I’m not posting enough content on my social media pages. So I’m here to ask for your opinions. How much focus do you put into social media? Is it really that important or should I continue to focus more on my channel?

Thanks y’all
personally i put zero work into it LOL my IG and twitter are completely separate from my youtube
HOWEVER social media can help you a lot and can pull in audiences from different places. it also helps that for example you can post the same thing on IG that u post on twitter so it's not a lot of work advertising wise (imo)

A balance between the two would be perfect but better quality videos instead of better quality advertising is better in my opinion
I post on twitter every once in a while, mostly to talk to celebrities, but not in a stalkish way!
I post on instagram whenever i´m out traveling or on a special occasion! I only post my traveling videos on Facebook, I don´t dare to show my face (as in my face on my vlogs) on Facebook!
Actually I'm interested in this too. I got a little burnt out working on my Facebook since no me manages it and it gets exhausting. Merlina do you work solo or as part of a Team with the YouTube? If it's a team thing maybe you could manage the YouTube Account and have someone else work on the Instagram or Facebook Page?
My routine may be different as I'm more of a "content creator" than just a "YouTuber", so I post daily to Tumblr, Instagram and Twitter. I create photo aswell as video content hence the regular posting on Instagram.

There are some benefits to this tho as I have a tight close audience now that want to support me in what I do so this helps redirect them to my channel and gain some loyal subscribers/viewers.

Overall I would say it depends on what type of content you create tho c:
My content is about me and vlogs so I use social media to build that bond and keep up to date with them.
[I've noticed I get more comments now tho than I used to and those that comment I recognise from my Instagram]
Since our focus has always been to grow our Youtube subscriptions/views and since Facebook/Twitter/IG has never shown to help with that (based on testing and stats) we dont waste much time on them.