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    How much focus do you put into social media?

    Hey YouTubers, So I’m wondering how important is social media as a youtuber? When I first started I was putting all my focus on my Instagram and Twitter and trying hard to post every day and sometimes it would take away from my focus when it came to actually creating my videos. Lately, I’ve...
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    Questions: Face Detection, Audio and Background

    Really, really need some help! :eek: I've got a new studio setup and I'm doing some test videos to get out the kinks for the future real video shooting. I've got a key light (with softbox) on the left side, a fill light on the right and another one lighting the backdrop. With the dimensions of...
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    Camera/Focusing Help t5i Sigma 30mm

    Hey, I'm brand new to this forum so I apologize if I didn't choose the correct group to ask for advice. It be much appreciated if you could lead me to a better help source though! I recently purchased a Canon t5i with the sigma t5i 1.4 lens. I'm having a difficult time learning how to adjust...