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Hey, I'm brand new to this forum so I apologize if I didn't choose the correct group to ask for advice. It be much appreciated if you could lead me to a better help source though!

I recently purchased a Canon t5i with the sigma t5i 1.4 lens. I'm having a difficult time learning how to adjust the lighting and focus. I have zero dslr camera experience, and I'm not a very technologically savvy person in general as is. I'm not sure if anyone here can help me with little details, but if you know of a good learning source, please let me know! For lighting, I'm using natural and I'm aware that I need to be directly in front of the window around midday to achieve the best natural light. I've been having issues getting that blurry background this lens is known for. I don't know if should be using auto focus of manual...or something else. I do beauty videos, so there are often times when I'd like to hold up product or swatches and it's extremely difficult to get in focus, and stay in focus. Any help will be much appreciated![DOUBLEPOST=1447897484,1447890997][/DOUBLEPOST]Sigma 30mm*** 1.4 (wouldn't let me edit)
Set the lens to manual focus by flicking a switch located on the lens. After that, move the outside ring of the lens to the left of the right (like you're zooming) to get the right focus and DOF

It may take a few minutes to find the right degree left or right the lens should be, but that's how you do it.
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I can suggest a website called This is where I got a lot of my initial understanding about film making.
To soften the background you need to adjust the depth of field. Use aperture priority (Av mode) and adjust the f-stop with the little wheel that's just beside the shutter button to its lowest value. You may have to play with the settings to ensure you're not getting too much or little light in though.

Guide here: