camera help

  1. A

    Is this a good camera bundle??

    Hey I’m really wanting to start making videos but I’m a novice with cameras and editing would this bundle be a good place to start or should I get the camera only? Photo attached. Thanks
  2. Stata Training School

    Microphone and Camera

    Can someone recommend to me a top quality microphone and camera brands for youtube tutorial video production? Recommendations will be highly appreciated.
  3. Sbrininger

    Equipment/software for a 9 year old??

    My daughter turns 9 in July and what she wants "more than anything in the world" is to create videos and have her own YouTube channel. Currently she only has an iPad 2 and is using that to create videos with her friends. As you can imagine, the audio and video are pretty bad, so we are looking...
  4. Tisha


    Right now I'm using my Canon rebel Ti5 for my vids but I'm thinking about investing into another backup camera. I'm looking for something that's HD and screen is super clear. Plus I would also like to upgrade my vlogging camera (so I can stop using my phone. Lol ) Any recommendations?
  5. lucy marriott

    What camera??

    So atm I use my Samsung phone which is ok but not the best! I don't want to spend a fortune but want to invest in a betterer camera..... any suggestions? What do you currently use/recommend? Thanks x
  6. Adeelcool

    I Want to step my game up

    Hey, so i want to improve my camera and audio quality in my videos, so i'm thinking of investing in a point and shoot camera since a DSLR is way out of my budget right now, Any suggestions for a point and shoot ?
  7. J

    Need a camera

    So i just started Youtube and my phone isn't cutting it. I am looking to invest in to a camera at around £50 to see how i would feel doing Youtube then if i like it, keep going. Any suggestions?:)
  8. TheGIngerQueen

    Does Anyone Know Where I Can Get a Cheap Camera?

    If you've ever seen any of my videos, then you've probably heard my laptop. You can hear a whirling sound whenever I record because I don't just use it to edit my videos; I use it to record my videos. I want to put a stop to this ASAP, but I'm kind of broke. Is there anywhere where I can get a...
  9. lastnamebanks

    My videos are not looking good. WHY?!?

    So I record 4k vlogs on a iPhone 6s which I've seen Casey Neistat do and it looked great, but when I do it it doesn't look as good. Im not saying it looks terrible and maybe I'm just being hard on myself, but to me it just looks unprofessional. So I just wanted to ask you guys why do some...
  10. LifeAsJenny

    Need Camera Advice

    I'm currently using a Canon T3i. I'm looking to upgrade to a mid range DSLR. I was thinking of the Canon 80D but i'm not sure if that's the best camera. I currently use my camera to film vlogs. I would love more advance features with my camera. Looking for camera recommendations and lenses to...
  11. kluless

    Attaching a USB Mic to a Point-and-Shoot? Mic Advice?

    Hi, everyone. I have a gaming channel ready with videos, but I'm having some issues with recording equipment for my skits channel. I have a point-and-shoot camera, the Canon PowerShot S110, which can record in 1080p. However, the mic isn't great, but I do have a USB mic. Is there something I can...
  12. D_halfrican

    Get a new camera or new external mic ?

    I just got a new camera (Samsung nx30) when I went to edit the video there is this really bad hissing problem a little research later it's probably not gonna be fix by Samsung anytime soon. I still have time to return it to Amazon but i still like the camera should just return it and get a new...
  13. SkyversePlaysMc

    How to start vlogging?

    I'm only asking this question because 1. I need help... and 2. I'm apparently the first to ask. But please I don't know what to do! (I should really title this, "What camera should I get for vlogging" since I already got photo/video editing software...) I just need advice! Thanks in advance! :help:
  14. K

    Camera/Focusing Help t5i Sigma 30mm

    Hey, I'm brand new to this forum so I apologize if I didn't choose the correct group to ask for advice. It be much appreciated if you could lead me to a better help source though! I recently purchased a Canon t5i with the sigma t5i 1.4 lens. I'm having a difficult time learning how to adjust...