Is this a good camera bundle??


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Hey I’m really wanting to start making videos but I’m a novice with cameras and editing would this bundle be a good place to start or should I get the camera only? Photo attached.
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Hey so I have to agree, that might actually be more than you need. I suggest just starting out with your phone or whatever camera you have right now. You never know if you’re going to keep this up or if you’ll just do videos for a bit then get tired and stop. You don’t want to buy all this equipment and use it once and be done. Which also leads me to another suggestion, look for people who did just that and buy their old equipment. That’s what I did. I got a dslr Camera, Camera bag, 2 tripods, 3 lens filters, a microphone, spare lens caps and a bit more for around $350 barely used because the dude I bought it from bought everything brand new because he was going to be a YouTuber, ended up not happening, so he was stuck with all this stuff he never used.

But all in all I think start with your phone and some free/cheap editing software first to see if you like it and if it’s something you’re going to keep up with. But if you know this is something you’re going to be keeping up with, you have the money, and you want the best of the best, I say go for it. That bundle seems amazing, honestly a lot better than the equipment most YouTubers use!
Hey there, I've been buying and using cameras for many years. By the details of the package and for what you are going to use it for I say it's a good one.

Only question is where it might be coming from? Amazon, Ebay, etc? Just make sure the sellers are trust worthy before purchasing from then.
Last question is the price. How much does it cost? I'd shop around and compare prices before finalizing the order.

If all those look good then I say go for it. =]