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Really, really need some help! :eek:

I've got a new studio setup and I'm doing some test videos to get out the kinks for the future real video shooting. I've got a key light (with softbox) on the left side, a fill light on the right and another one lighting the backdrop. With the dimensions of the room I'm using for my studio, the backdrop is only 7 feet wide, wish it was much more. I'm using a Canon T5i/700D with a 24mm prime lens at 2.8f. I also have an external mic, the Rode Videomic Pro. I'm 4 feet from the camera and about 3 feet from the backdrop.

Here is a 40-second test video shot that shows the issues I'm experiencing. Well, I tried putting in the YT link, but it won't let me post with a link in this text. Not sure what's up with that.

Question #1: I recently purchased the 24mm lens for its face tracking but I'm finding that I only have to move very little and the focus blurs in and out. Any ideas on how to get it to not be so quick to focus (slight movements cause it to go in and out of focus)?

Question #2: I tried using the external mic right on top of the camera and I can hear the focusing very loudly. I tried mounting it about 4 inches above the camera and I still hear the focusing. Of course if it didn't refocus so much it may not be an issue. Any ideas on how to rid the audio of the focusing noise?

Question #3: Another audio question. When I'm not speaking on the playback I hear sounds that are like a train in the background. I have no idea where those are coming from. Any ideas to reduce this ambient noise getting picked up?

Question #4: I'm new to backgrounds. Any hints on how to light them? I saw Kaleb (I think that's his name) of the YT channel DSLR Video Shooter and his white background has a darker color to it. He said this was due to using a light on the background. Any idea on how to do this? Also thinking of lighting it for the "Apple" style white background. Any hints on that would be great!

I'm new to this forum but this looks like the right place to get advice.

Thanks in advance, Adrian
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